Things said by Dads

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All of this was learned from watching parents and the crazy things they say and from TV of course.

Submitted: April 11, 2008

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Submitted: April 11, 2008



"What the hell you doin in the bath room so long why don't you get out and give someone else a chance!"

"That isn't how you dont drink a beer through a funnel!"

"Why is the dog humping my chair?"

"Don't throw cats at people it will take forever to get them back!"

"Quit barking at the dog your scarring him!"

"O'look the moon oh wait its the street light."

"He has the attention span of a lighting bolt."

"This isn't work its hell with florescent lighting."

"Stop thowing water balloons at civilians and throw them at jehovah's witnesses."

"Stop staring at the tree it always wins!"

"Dont run over civilians only run over mimes."

"Ok you got the stick, now very carefully agitate the hell outta of that snake!"

"Is that the face of intelligence or what."

"Stop looking at her breasts thats my job!"

"Hey go put this badger in that guys car and be very quiet."

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