Unknown Soldier.

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Death of an American Soldier.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



Three weeks shy of being on Earth for two decades
They called me.
To get the "bad ones"
that threaten our livelihood.
That cease our comfortability-
that burned our flag

Sitting shoulder to shoulder- black hawk.
Bright faces of my peers.
Stoned faces- Emotionless.
Youth drips from the surface.
Feature inherited fro their parents.
Those freckles-are those his mother's?
Is that determined face a reflection of her father's?

Sweat streams from our brows.
The rhythm of unruly symphonies course through my veins.
My commander and chief's words of assurance and reason- L O O P.
I am ready.
Paint me under an American sky.

Fourteen days shy of twenty.
Galloping through fields-
I grow numb-
as deafening bombs are thrown.
Blinded- royal blue and maroon.
Flashes drown my eyes.
Adrenaline-The smell..that of a blood curtailing lightening bolt-
Massive tidal wave-
skin melting molted lava-

My gun is cradled by my rosary,
My new savior-
Instructed to shoot to kill.
Heart- Vital, Central, Pumping, Alive.
Head-Smiles, Emotion, Grimace.
No more.
Just targets-Practice.

Glimpses of a purple heart- Push me.
My family-
My soldiers-
Fighting for a purpose.
My commander and chief's words of assurance and reason chyme.
I march, I continue.
Fighting for my American sky.

Five days shy of being a man.
Death is haunting me.
We were told- assured that this was correct.
I stole the life of a man.
Innocent? I'll never know.
My heart beat mirror the shots of my gun.

Deadly injections.
Mom...please tell me the we have a purpose.
Are we the "bad guys' ?
The ones that cause the nightmares?
The ones that tear families apart?
Clawing for the American dream.
Eight mothers lost their daughters today.
Three fathers will never play ball with their boys again.
The stench of blood-
Burns an acidic hole through my stomach.

You've been blessed with two sons,
but soon may be the mother of an only child.
My commander and chief's words of assurance and reason drown me.
Deceived by an American sky.

A day of being gone too soon.
Cold and bare.
My parents- they are unaware.
I lie here- my uniform is drenched.
My killer- my age.
He had the determination that I possessed.
Maybe it was freight-
So alike-
Opposing teammates.
My brother- in youth.
Emotionless bond.
Mirroring looks of insecurity.

No purple star- no family.
No tags- no identity.
No purpose.
Lost in a sea of hopelessness.
My commander and chief's words of assurance and wisdom...
led me astray.
Buried under an American sky.

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