December Poem

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I had a very nice but brief relationship with a woman one fall. I wrote her one poem for each month we were together; September, October, November and December. She was actually gone by December but the first snow made me think of her.

December Poem

December came, like the first snow;
stealing upon my doorstep
the shadow of rain.

Upon my porch I found that visitors had come;
dancing in the snow
footprints like the impression of nightmares after waking.

The fox had come and so the wolf;
A merry raven upon the power line.
Bobcat and coyote and you.

The dance had led this way and that across the frosts;
laughing jaws and razor teeth;
merry dancers, red dots of blood.

But your steps, the nimble ball and toe of sweet scented woman;
those steps lead only one way, far far away;
and I dared not follow, knowing not the dance of the beasts.

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Submitted: July 24, 2007

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