Optimus Optimorum

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Komodo is back. He was tasked with rescue of an American C.I.A agent being held captive by drug smugglers of Peruvian Cocaine. He managed to extract the American by the assistance of an AV8B Harrier of the 22nd MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). After rescuing the P.O.W and bringing her to the extraction point the conversation begins with them waiting on an airlift.

Submitted: May 19, 2012

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Submitted: May 19, 2012



Komodo: Walks ahead of the CIA agent with an M203 and calls over the radio. HQ, this is Kilo Delta requesting immediate airlift. I've managed to extract the package we are out of harms way.

Radio: Good work Kilo Deta! It may be a minute to send in the airlift. We're having difficulties hovering over those trees. Is there any possible way that the two of you are in any danger?

Komodo: No, all hostiles are neutralized. Take all the time you need. Besides, I still have my radio to call in for another air stike by an AV8B.

Radio: Roger that! We should be there soon.

CIA Agent: Looks at Komodo. So does that mean we're safe? No more ducking AK-47 rounds?

Komodo: Turns around and faces the CIA agent. Relax Ma'm, I can assure you that there are no more hostiles.

CIA Agent: So you're Kilo Delta huh? What is that phonetic for?

Komodo: Komodo Dragon.

CIA Agent: You're kidding right?

Komodo: Do I look like the kind of guy that would make something like that up at a time like this?

CIA Agent: No, I guess not. So that's like your code name right?

Komodo: Yes.

CIA Agent: Well I'm Lisa Santiago it's nice to meet you Mr. Komodo Dragon. Extends her hand to shake hands with Komodo.

Komodo: Extends his hand and shakes hers. The pleasure's all mine. It's been a while since I've done a snatch and grab mission for the UN.

Lisa: I see you're pretty fit for this job. You took out those guards and drug dealers almost as if it was completely natural to you.

Komodo: Let's put it this way, I've got a lot of time in service and battle experience.

Lisa: Yeah I can see, you've got a scar right over you're right eye. Looks hard at his left eye.

Komodo: I got that one in Afghanistan. An RPG shot in close proximity caused shrapnel to scar my face.

Lisa: Wow! I'm sure the military is compensating you heavily for that. It's a pretty big scar and especially since it's on your face which could make you look less apealing to women and can affect your personal life.

Komodo: I'm not in the military.

Lisa: Then who do you work for?

Komodo: I'm a personal Mercanary for the UN. I go where I'm needed, fighting not for country, not for government, but for myself.

Lisa: What? Doesn't your family miss you since you're gone all the time?

Komodo: I don't have a family of my own. I don't even know who my real parents were. All I know is that I was born at the border of Russia and Kazakstan. Soon after I was dropped off into the Russian military which took care of me.

Lisa: So how did you get into working for the UN?

Komodo: Well I was with the Russian Special Forces, the Spetznats on an assignment in Bolivia when I ran into a mercanry of the UN. He asked me various questions and was intrigued by the skill level I had as a Spetznats. He recruited me, pretty much. I thought I was a badass, until I met him.

Lisa: Wow, so he was tougher than you?

Komodo: Tougher isn't the word, he was superior to me in every way. I couldn't touch him in a fight. His name was Pious Agustus and he was from Rome.

Lisa: Well obviously with a name like that.

Komodo: Yes, his name was Pious Agustus but he was known as Optimus Optimorum, meaning the best of the best in Latin.

Lisa: So what's your real name?

Komodo: A name is insignificant on the battlefield. After being in the fields for a while everyone is nameless.

Lisa: Well how old are you?

Komodo: Old enough to know how to take a life.

Lisa: So you have no wife or kids?

Komodo: No, I'm always traveling. Going from one place to another to take out some dictator, and then once I do another person just as inhumane comes out and takes his place.

Lisa: Well, I have a boyfriend. We should be getting married soon. I'm actually pretty thankful to you for saving my life. You're like some kind of a hero. Looks up and smiles at Komodo.

Komodo: Looks away. No, I'm no hero. There's no hero's or heroines in war. All the heroes I know are either locked up or in their grave. The only real winners of war......are the people. The only thing I've accomplished is manslaughter. Other than the fact that I've lived to fight another day I'm just a murderer at the end of the day.

Lisa: Well you protect people by killing.

Komodo: Well if you think about it, there were at least twenty five people holding you captive. With the help of those harriers all twenty five of those people were killed. I slaughtered twenty five people........to save one.

Lisa: Well they were all doing the world wrong. Peru is one of the leading cocaine producers in the world. America gets most of the coke from here.

Komodo: Agustus told me about this. He said that I would slaughter legions so a few may live.

Lisa: What ever happened to him?

Komodo: He took his own life.

Lisa: I'm sorry. I guess it was because of the guilt.

Komodo: No, it wasn't because of that. He killed himself because he was too good at what he did. He thought himself as a monster. I was his last apprentice. I don't feel guilty though, I feel as I did him a favor.

Lisa: How do you feel guilty for him killing himself?

Komodo: He trained me. Everything I know now, I learned from him. Soon after he trained me, he defected and left. The UN could not afford someone of his caliber escaping so I was sent in to kill him.

Lisa: So, you killed the person who taught you everything you know and didn't feel guilty? Wow, you're something else.

Komodo: It's what he wanted. He felt the only way he could atone for his sins and all the people he killed is by a fight to the death with his own apprentice which is why he trained me to eventually take his life. He fought with all his heart. It was by far the toughest thing I had ever done.

Lisa: So you shot him?

Komodo: No, we didn't fight with guns, we used our knives. It was actually a stalemate. We had both stabbed each other. He stabbed me in the sternum and I stabbed him in his chest but I had a wasp knife.

Lisa: What's a wasp knife?

Komodo: It's a knife that has gas pressure built into it. Once you stab, it shoots out about eight hundred psi of gas into the body causing that area of the body to explode. It could take out a bear with one stab.

Lisa: Jesus Christ!

Komodo: Yeah, they gave it to me as a prototype. It surely worked. I forgot though that I was using it though during our battle and once I stabbed him it was all over.

Lisa: Sheesh, compared to your life, my life has been a walk in the park. Born in Wisconsin went to college and am dating an architect.

Komodo: Yeah, the whole dating thing doesn't work well for me.

Lisa: And why not? I'm sure girls would be all over you knowing what a badass you are.

Komodo: Well I have no basic emotions. When you're in this type of field of work emotions are the first thing they rid you of. Did you see me show the least bit of remorse when killing those smugglers?

Lisa: No, and why did they send you in all by yourself with the assistance of jets?

Komodo: Because, when they send someone like me in they only care for one thing, mission accomplishment. They don't care how I do it. Regardless of who stands in my way I'm supposed to accomplish the mission.

Lisa: You know, I've never met someone quite like you before. You're really something else.

Komodo: Which is why I'm only sent in on little missions like this. The sound of a helicopter could be heard. Looks like your airlift is almost here.

Lisa: Yeah. Finally I can go home. Thank you, Komodo.

Komodo: Your welcome. Takes off his balaclava. Whew, that's better. Fresh air!

Lisa: Wow, you have scars and burns all over your face.

Komodo: Another reason why I would not fit in with normal people. You really think people would want to approach me with a face like his?

Lisa: Well you do look pretty intimidating.

Komodo:The copter is nearing. It's about time for me to leave.

Lisa: Wait, you're not riding out with me?

Komodo: No, I have my own ride. A Hind D. I'm not allowed to ride out on American military property.

Lisa: Why not?

Komodo: Because I'm a mercanary, I can't have any affiliation with any country. Like I said I work for the UN.

Lisa: Which is a made up of many countries including the United States.

Komodo: You're thinking the wrong UN. The one I work for is called Under None or Sub Nullus. We get hired by countries in need to do work which would require much more man power.

Lisa: Well then in that case, I'll see you around Komodo. Waves her hand bidding a farewell.

Komodo: It is likely that we will never meet again, so good-bye Lisa.

Lisa: You never know, we might someday.

Komodo: Unless you get kidnapped and nearly tortured again then you might have a chance but I seriously doubt that. I hope you don't ever need to see me again in that case. Turns his back and begins to walk away.

Lisa: Well in that case, I guess I won't ever see you again but I won't ever forget what you did for me.

Komodo: While walking away. If anything, thank your country for calling me in. I wouldn't have come if it wasn't for them.

Lisa: Talking to herself. People like him are one in a million. I don't believe I'll ever meet someone quite that interesting in the civilian population.

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