The White Barn (Part 1)

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This is one of my short stories from my 6 story book, "Six Pieces to One Puzzle" So I hope you enjoy the story. (Brief warnign: It gets pretty graphic and detailed.)

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



What stumbled across Jessica Fringe’s eyes was a

bright white barn, sitting across the field next to her

house. She got her coat on and went out the back door to

go check it out.

She walked through the tall grass. Reaching her way

across the field, and getting over to the barn. Halfway

there, and she sees a big boarder of trees running across

between her property and the white barn’s. She walks

along the trees looking up and down, searching for an

opening. Up ahead she saw the beginning of a dirt path.

She then notice that the path lead right through the tall

trees, and the path stretched all the way up to the white


Passing through the trees, and when she was on the

other side a quick strong pain came to her head. Suddenly

the pain was gone.

The path was bumpy and hard, almost felt like the

back of an alligator. Cement and rocks is all it was.

She walked the path all the way up the hill. It took her

at lease two minutes to reach the top. The strangest thing

that happen while Jessica was walking on the path, she

kept her eyes up ahead on the barn. Every time she

blinked the color of the barn would turn blood red, and

then back to white.

She rubbed her eyes back and forth with her fingers,

brushing the eye boogers from the corner of her eye

sockets. Maybe she’s still tired, she thought. Maybe her

eyes aren’t functioning right, because they might still be

asleep. She’ll never know what caused it.


There was a flat surface at the top where the barn

stood. Jessica stared at the barn. She notices the paint was

shedding off. There was a lock on the doors.

She walked up to it, and held the pad lock in her

hand. Then she pulls out a Bobbi pin from her hair, and

carefully slid the two end pieces inside the key hole.

Twisting and turning, and moving side to side. She felt the

pin vibrate when it clicked, and finally the loop opened

freely and was unlocked.

Jessica removed the lock off the doors. She tossed it

aside. Gripping her hands tightly on the handles, and she

slowly pulls the doors open. The force of the doors from

pulling it felt like if someone was on the other side pulling

as well.

It was pitch dark inside. She walked in, and the only

light that was on was a small light bulb in the center of the

barn. It wasn’t like other light bulbs, this one was flashing red.

Jessica walked under the light, and it flashed red on

her face and then it disappears to darkness. She walked

away from it, and looked around the barn some more.

Jessica followed her way through the barn with only the

one flashing red light, to seek her way around. Flash, flash,

flash, she spots a fuse box.

She slowly walked her way over, as she took every

step when the light flashed on. Her hand reaches for the

lever, and she forced it up. High up top in the left and right

corner of the barn, two giant lamps power on. The barn

was filled with light.

Hay was stacked everywhere. It started over on the

left side of the wall where it stretched all the way around

to the other side of the barn. She came back to the

flashing red light where she kept staring at it. she noticed

that there was no string to pull to turn it off, or a switch to

flip. From her sight of view; there seem to be something

inside of the light bulb. She doesn’t know what. Her urge

to touch it was very high. Jessica puts her hand up, and

before even touching the surface of the bulb she can feel a

strong burning heat coming from the little light bulb.

“Don’t!” a mysterious voice yelled. The loud echoing

sound scared Jessica. She looks over in the doorway and

there stood was an old strange man. He seemed like he

was in his late sixties. The man’s skin was saggy and more

wrinkled than bloodhound dog’s face. He also had that

extra skin hanging from underneath his chin like a turkey’s


“Leave that light alone!” said the old man. Jessica

panics, “Oh, I’m so sorry sir I didn’t know this was anyone’s

barn.” “It belongs to no one. It’s cursed. No one will even

put one toe in this shit hole.” Jessica was really confused,

“Cursed?” “You heard me right doll. Of all the murders and

executions that happened In here the souls still live

among this barn.” Jessica felt the need of leaving, so she

started walking towards the doors until she saw the old

man backing away, “Woo there, don’t even come near me

with that curse.” The old man starts walking away and

leaves Jessica’s sight, so she went after him. She turned

left when she exit the barn, and he was gone.

The silver watch on Jessica’s wrist started beeping. It

was twelve o’clock in the afternoon. It was time for lunch.

She started walking back down the path and the sharp

pain in her head struck her again, and then she hears her

name up from the barn.

She stop’s and turned around, and it was a little girl in

a white gown. “Jessica,” the little girl repeated. Jessica

started to head back up.

“Who are you?” Jessica asked. “My name is

Samantha.” “Where are your parents?” “They’re gone

right now, but I should be seeing them very soon.” Jessica

noticed the poor girl was bluer than the clear skies, so she

offered her coat to her. “No thank you, I don’t mind the

cold. I figured it would be better like this, so that way I

won’t have to feel anything.” Samantha smiled. Jessica had

no idea what she what she was talking about.

Loud voices came roaring from inside the barn.

Jessica walked in as Samantha walked behind her, and

there inside was a mob of angry people. “Wait…, I was just

in here and…” she was lost with her words; she was

officially losing her mind.

Straight up ahead on the other side of the barn was a

guillotine set up on top of a group of hay stacks. The mob

formed a runway that led straight up to the guillotine,

starting where Samantha and Jessica stood.

Jessica’s heart was racing, “What’s going on?” Samantha got Jessica’s attention, “Don’t worry, this show

is for me.” Samantha started walking the runway, and

everyone in that barn kept yelling out things about the

poor little girl. One man screamed, “Burn in hell you little

bitch!” while a woman next to him continued, “Die you

filthy little whore. Have fun sucking the devil’s dick!”

Jessica was just disgusted about the awful comments that

were being said. Then someone else yelled out, “Witch!”

This was starting to seem really weird for Jessica.

The nearest person next to her was a middle age

woman who was wearing a high necked chemise with a

broad linen collar. Jessica remember seeing those type of

clothes from somewhere. Jessica asked the woman,

“Excuse me, what is going on?” With an aggressive tone

she responded, “We’re about to put this evil witch to

death. We already took the mother’s life last week, and

when the father found out that his precious little girl was

a witch he couldn’t help but to take his own life. Poor

thing just couldn’t live knowing he loved and raised two

unholy spirits.”

The hairs on Jessica’s arms rose. She had no idea why

they are accusing this little girl as a witch. One more

question came out of Jessica’s mouth, “Can you tell me

where we are and what year it is?” The old woman looked

at her strangely, “We’re at the old Lincoln Barn in Salem

Massachusetts in the year of 1869.”

Jessica had no clue in what was going on, yet she

wasn’t in Iowa no more. She had the strange feeling like

she was in an episode of The Twilight Zone, but Rod

Sterling wasn’t in the picture.

Slowly she walked her distance from the ragged old

Woman, and watched as the mob threw stones at the

poor little girl leaving marks and bruise upon her body.

One thick stone was thrown from the back of the crowd,

And Jessica saw the stone connecting to her head, and

knocking her down. Samantha reaches back on her feet

and just kept on walking.

Once Samantha reached to the hay stack the

executioner grasped her arm, and with full force he pulls

her up. Her hands were tied behind her back with a thin

piece of rope. She was forced on her knees in front of the

guillotine and carefully placed her head right beneath the

falling blade. Samantha was faced down looking at the

basket that was there to capture the severed head.

The executioner stepped away with the pulling rope

in his hand. The priest that was running this execution had

walked in front of Samantha, and kneeled down and asked

her to open her mouth. The priest placed a crucifix on the

top of her tongue, and asked her to slowly swallow it. The

priest then stepped away.

The mob was roaring with so much anger. The

comments that we’re being made just disgusted Jessica.

Samantha raised her head up, and she would look straight

at Jessica smiling with a bloody lip. Jessica stood still not

knowing how to react to the situation that is happening at

the moment. Jessica’s hands were shaking like in winter

storm without mittens. She felt that she should do  something, but she doesn’t even know the young girl, but doesn’t mean she should let her die.

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