To all the underdogs

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A little insight to what goes on , on the other side

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011




What happens if you’re the bad guy.What happens if you’re the one that everyone looks down upon..that everyone felt was better off dead that anywhere near the face of the Earth…then what?You tell yourself , you’ll run away from it all… if since your logical, you realize that If you were to run away , you would inevitably die alone somewhere along your grand departure hoping someone would come find you and miss you , and realize you’d gone missing.Wrong.What exactly have you done in order to be missed.I’m the black sheep of the family..but I don’t try.. some people are just naturally bad..and their good at it.

My name’s Lilly Mianda, , im sixteen years old at the moment and living with a family who could probably do without me.

We moved when I was about nine years old.and my brother was 12 at the time… im still waiting to wake up from the nightmare..

Atleast in these past few months,its been summer, so no distractions, a time to better myself ..mend my ways…see the light as most would say..

Apparently it didn’t happen…

“She just yelled at me…saying she’s done more than you..that’d she’d never forgotten the dishes[of course I had..but I was trying to get a point across with a strong base]”, my Mom muttered to my brother Craig upstairs, “That she’s tired too..she doesn’t want to help cut up the vegetables”

“She doesn’t do anything” Bryan  fumed out as he chopped the vegetables with the wooden handled knife,  “What does she know about work? She forgets more than half the time.”

Past that…I didn’t want to listen, I figured I’d heard enough to get a jist of what my family thought of me nowadays…

It’s depressing to hear because for once in my life… I was honestly trying to show them I mattered..that what I did made a difference in this the motto of most households…atleast once in a while what I do is acknowledged…but it always seems like their humouring my tryings,like whatever I’ve done , they’ll need to fix it later..

But  enough about that,overall I’m actually a very peppy , hopeless romantic who loves to talk… to everyone else at school im this quiet nerd who doesn’t make much sense and had a crush on her senior teacher in grade nine, a lie by the way, I just thought he was brilliant. I’ve  always been proud of my independence with schoolwork and pushing myself but obviously no one cares about that because their all happy with their lives..

Their lovely,mundane,work-driven  lives.

Now that I have told you a bit about myself, I bet you are wondering what kind of story I have in store for you…

Well lets just say…you cant judge a book by the first few paragraphs and let’s all take a leap of faith in my will to write something for everyone whose ever been the black sheep to  enjoy..

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To all the underdogs

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