The Darkening Fear

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Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



"Darkness will always consume us. In the end. It is inevitable. No matter where we are, what we are doing.

No matter how much you try and prevent it, it will always be the last breath.

When we close our eyes. When the sun disappears. On a cloudy day. It will rush over us, faster, and faster, like a shadow, like a dark monster that wants

 to consume our soul. Faster, and still faster.

You cannot escape it. You cannot deny it's power.

It will spread fear through your bones. It will choke your very thoughts from being coherent. No matter where you run, where you hide. It will get louder
and louder and louder. Scream as loud as you can, but no one can stop it.

It feeds on fear. Relishes it." -- Unknown.



What is our greatest fears? The ones that no one knows. The ones that keep us up late at night. Fear of being alone. Fear of darkness. Fear of death.
Fear of the unknown. We like to say we don't have any. There is nothing to fear but fear itself is what we like to tell ourselves. But no matter how many
times we tell ourselves that, we cannot ignore it.

When we close our eyes and slip into unconsciousness. As the darkness enters. You know it's coming. You know it cannot be stopped. You cannot stay
away forever.

Fear of dreams. An odd one I would say. Who would be afraid of sleeping, and going into a dream? Something you cannot stop. Something that you have
no control over.

The fears live inside of you. Only growing stronger. You can try and do everything to prevent it. But you have no say in what your dreams do. They hold the
power, whoever it is, controlling them.

In the end, we can never be perfect. On the outside, sure, we are perfect. But the fears will always be there. Never fading. Always there to drown you. Closing
your throat, choking on your own breath. Heart sprinting, sanity clawing it's way, begging for an escape. No matter where you go, it will find you. In the bright day.
In the open fields.

You can try and run, sail to a deserted island. But you will never be alone. It will always be there. Waiting for the right moment.



Author's note:

Hey guys, sorry if I creeped you out. Haha, was aiming for it though. I was listening to Hans Zimmer's : The Well, and well, I knew I had to get it out someway.  Rate, Comment, Subscribe. :]


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