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The year is 2302 the world has been in complete Anarchy for over 50 year. On the southern Island on New Zealand one boy risks it all.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



The streets were once filled with life.

The trees were once covered in leaves.

Food once seemed endless.

But not anymore.

My name is Henry, and everytime i wake up. I Repeat the question in my head, "Is Life worth living in a World with no goal's." The answer still hasn't shown itself to me. So i decided to do as my father shower me and to Right out my days events. Back in the day before the Great was. They called this a "Journal" Hideous name i know. But the old ways were always strange, but they were alot more Civilized then the world we live in. Dont you agree? I Though you might say that. Ha, i'm kidding no matter what your answer was I'm sure you have a perfectly good reason for it. But unless i'm here when you read it you can't tell me so Hush and read on.


28th Febuarary

Today, was Slow and Eventless. The road's seemed to be Empty. I'm in a Place they used to call Mount Cook Village. My father once told me as a child his father used to bring him here. Apparently it was once a Beautiful and clean land. But it no longer seems that way. I'm going to finish the rest of my dog meat and head to bed. Raiders tend to come thru this way on the way to Outlaw Capital. But we will see.

1st March.

Today I Witnessed the Murder of a Couple on the Eastern side of the village. They were running from a small group of raiders. But i had no way to help them at all. I Had no gun no weapon at all. So i sat there and watched them be beaten to death with Meat Clevers. I Covered my eyes and Ears but there cries pierced thru my hands. I Felt helpless in my situation. I'm now in a Place they called Twizel quiet and ugly and Barren town. Most of the Houses have been burnt down. So i'm hidding in a forrest to the south of it. Hopefully nothing finds me.


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