Scrap metal

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This is a bout a necklace my ex-boyfriend gave me, it explains my feelings towards him & the necklace

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



That sixteenth note necklace you gave me for my birthday, which is exactly a week after yours, hangs from my neck like a nuce.

It hangs as an ugly reminder of the happiness that used to be.

Strange how such a small piece of metal can cause such pain. It’s sad how I cannot bring myself to take it off.

I see you in the hallway, and out of habit I go to you and almost hug you.

I stop myself and turn away before you notice me. I run into the bathroom and look at the mess in the mirror.

How could i go from such a beaming person, into a horrible mess of a woman in less than a minute?

I knew you were too good to be true in the first place. Your family suited me to well, and I was too happy.

I fight the urge to run up to you and beg for you back and tell you that I can't get over you.

Every day is a struggle knowing that I am no longer your 'beautiful girl'

Why can't the nuce just kill me already?

Does it have to hang there as a painful reminder?

The scrap metal gets into my thoughts, causing them to run ramped.

I talked to you yesterday, all i could say was " I'm sorry" .

See this letter, or whatever it is, why can't you just read this?

Why can't i just tell you this?

Am I that worthless, that broken?

But I guess the best words that sums this all up is :

I'm sorry

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