Simple minded banter

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Just some simple minded banter i wrote during class, i let my mind run free

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



Shut the world out

close your eyes

if you must

But wrap your arms around me

dont forget me

Can i live in your memories?

safe and warm

Relive those happy memories over and over

Why must the clock keep ticking?

I'll freeze time with my camera.

Dont forget to smile.

Keep thoes eyes wide and bright

But be true and honest

Fake smiles polute the world

They swim through the hallways

Laughter! Giggle; have fun

Fake laughter is hateful

but not hopless

Drift away with peacefulness

dont feel sorry

Going is just as fast as coming

That star in the sky

It may seem bright and honest

but it holds secrets.

Nasty lies; bitter truths

Hold your secrets close to your heart.

keep that lock on your door

give the key to him

can you feel the rhythm

of my thoughts

The simple minded banter

of my inner most hopes

help me breathe the thoughts

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