Letters to my Mr. Right

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moving on after a break up

Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



06 November 2012


To my Mr. Right…

Hello there. its so funny for me to write a letter to you..coz we both know there’s no such way that you can read this one… it’s just one of my random thoughts to make this foolish act so that I can pour down all of my emotions…Yeah you heard it right “emotions”….now im really in a bit of a roller coaster…I mean literally UPS AND DOWNS of life…

Okay. You noticed that this letter is addressed to someone who is MR.RIGHT… and if you are reading this one, please dont blurt out into laughing.. im serious..this letter is intended to my Mr. Right. hmmm okay okay…let me tell you my story why I decided to have a letter for you.. Ive been from a bad relationship. Why do I say it’s bad? cause it had break my heart and honestly I don’t like the feeling of failing..i mean I had experienced failure like losing in a game, failing an exam, had someone hated me, etc…like those kind of stuffs..but that kind of relationship failure was just such a “world wrecker”… that is how I described it for the first fresh days of the break-up period.. but now, I can say that im okay…im in the process of moving on.. its been 5 months and counting… and im happy that im surviving… aren’t you happy too for me?

Okay, that’s it for now… im happy that I wrote to you.. Though im just imagining things, it made me feel okay..

Til the next time….


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