The monster under the bed

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A short horror story I wrote, would appreciate any feedback.

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



The monster under the bed.

march 1st 

It was there, behind him, in the corner of his eye. unmoving, unflinching, but always there.

The psychiatrist turned to him "is it here" he asked.

The boy didnt answer, his lips were frozen together in a haze of terror. It had never been so close. He imagined its icy breath brushing along his neck. His eyes slammed shut, unwilling to see the horror aproaching. The boy was overwhelmed with waves of overpowering  senses that submerged him like an ocean, threatening to pull him under. The antiseptic smell washed around his mouth leaving an artificial taste.

The boy's father finally answered for him, breaking the uneasy silence, his voice unwavering, steeled to the fear that gripped his son. "You have to help him doctor, hes been like this for days".

"Ok" said the doctor briskly, glanced up from his written analysis, "has he experianced any trauma?".

"No" the boys father replied, "he's a normal kid, only..." 

"Yes?" asked the doctor, leaning slightly forward in his revolving chair, a look of concern etched across his brow.

"Its probably nothing. But he's still scared of monsters. We check in his wardrobe and under his bed" his father said in a dismissive tone.

"It's completely normal for boys of his age to go through these phases" said the doctor reasurringly. "If your still concerened take these." The doctor handed the father a bottle of crimson pills. "Take them them twice a day for a month" he urged.

"Thank you doctor" said the boys father gratefully. 

The boy nervously stood, glanced at the dull grey wallpaper and left. His father followed behing him.

march 10th

He sat on his bed, trying to avoid its intensive gaze. The pills hadn't helped, they'd made it more vivid, more lifelike. Now he could see its form, a mass of limbs crudely thrown together, like a child making a body out of plasticine. It was the eyes that scared him, that made him tremble, petrified but transfixed.

It had his eyes.

march 16th

An eerie silence, broken only by the scrapping of forks against plates. Usually the sign of a good meal. But not here, not now. Each person locked in their own silent mourning, fearing for the boy.

He sat, food untouched, eyes glazed over as if trying to wish himself away.

It was still there, same eyes, same torso, growing more like him by the second.

march 21st

Unmistakable, distinctive, it was him. Its movments were no longer jagged but flowing.


A sense on morbid curiosity gripped him, and finally became overpowering. He reached forward. The thing copied him.

Their fingers grew closer before finally entwining. The boy gave a nervous smile. The thing smiled back, its face full of sadistic remorslessness.

Like a vice its grip tightened. The boys scream cut short, smothered by the remaining hand.

march 23rd 

The boy's father entered the room. The boy lay silently in his bed. Finally he spoke, "Dad would you check for monsters?"

Crossing the room his father oppened his wardrobe. Clothes were scattered across the wooden floor. "See theres nothing to be afraid of" his father said, smiling reassuringly before peering under the bed. The same boy lay, head between his knees, a steady stream of tears flowing down his face..."Dad theres someone in my bed".

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The monster under the bed

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