titanic: cleo's story

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cleo and her brother josh head to america on the rms titanic. riding with two first class tickets, they hoped to start a new life in america. they packed only their mother's locket,their dad's watch, and josh's book about almost everything with wheels. will they survive?

Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016



Cleo woke up at 11:04, she looked over to check on her 6-year-old brother, but he wasn't in his bed. She got up and ran down the first class hallway. She found him at 11:26, sleeping in the middle of the floor. Josh must have had his dream again.


She didn’t think that either of them could sleep, so she brought her brother Josh to the right main deck to look around at the amazing view of the ocean. He brought his book called Everything with wheels, it was his favorite. Back when their parents were still alive, Josh would always take things apart. But Cleo prefered writing and reading. But one thing they had in common was that they have always loved the ocean. They have begged their parents to see the ocean almost their whole lives. She checked her watch at 11:32 she saw something that looked like an iceberg. But it looked like it was too small to cause any damage. but she couldn’t see underwater. ¨Do you see that iceberg over there?¨ Cleo asked a deck worker and pointed.

¨…Ya.. but it's too small to cause any damage,¨ he stuttered. Then he quickly walked away and fled into the captain's room.


As the Titanic slowly shifted towards the iceberg, Cleo could see through the water. It wasn't a small iceberg. It was massive. It was too late to turn the big ship.¨I think we should leave,¨ Yelled Cleo over the loud steam engine.

¨Why?¨ Asked Josh.

¨it doesn't matter, but we might get a chance to ride on another boat tonight,¨ Cleo said calmly.

Boats are something her brother was fascinated about. He also had a book about boats. But he left it behind. They had to leave almost everything behind. It was now 11:40.They both ran down the first class hallway heading to their room.¨I’m going to grab something from our room,¨Cleo whispered.

She ran around the room looking for something that would float. She tumbled as the Titanic hit the iceberg. She realised she had little time. Under the bed, she found 4 life jackets. She ran out of the room and said ¨Follow Me.¨ She realized that some of the first class passengers had finally found out what was going on. There was some screaming from 2nd and 3rd class. They passed a gate that was trapping 2nd and  3rd class passengers from getting up to the upper decks. It stunned Cleo to see small children crying for their life.


¨Put on this life jacket,¨Cleo told Josh.  She put her life jacket on too and grabbed his small, cold hand. The workers let the 2nd and 3rd class passengers up from their cage. She had to push people out of the way. All she wanted was to get her little brother onto a lifeboat. She finally got to the deck with the lifeboats.¨Where are we going?¨ Josh asked.

¨We are getting on a lifeboat!¨ She hollered, “No matter what happens, I want you to get on a lifeboat!” She finally got to the front of the crowd, but a worker stopped them and said ¨I’m sorry, but this one is full, you will have to find another boat.¨

¨Can you please take my little brother?¨ Cleo begged.


He turned around to inspect the boat. ¨I guess,¨ the worker decided, looking into Josh’s eyes. Cleo turned to Josh and hugged him ¨I’ll see you in New York, ok, bye¨ Cleo whispered. The worker picked him up by the waist. Josh started to scream and cry. A young girl in her early 20s put him in her lap, her husband's arm around her. She comforted him as workers lifted down the boat. The last thing Cleo saw of her was her bright blue eyes looking up at her. They gave Cleo a very clear message that said Josh will be safe.


The time was 1:38, ¨Can I please get on this boat? I need to go find my little brother.¨Cleo yelled as the worker cupped his ear.

¨What?” his voice cracked.

¨I..I need to get on a lifeboat, soon.¨ she realized the ship wouldn’t hold for much longer.¨I’m sorry-¨Abruptly, the ship made a dreadful loud noise. everyone spun their head around to look. She realized this was her last chance with everyone looking away, and jumped onto the lifeboat. Cleo's dress got caught on a hook used to support the lifeboat. Her foot slipped. She banged her head on the hard wet edge of the lifeboat. Her head began to bleed as she fell this time off the boat. She tried to hold on but it was too wet. She plunged all the way into the water. The saltwater burned her head like fire. The last pictures she saw were her little brother Josh. But he was safe, and would survive the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912.

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