Magic Fortress Online 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Carter lives in a world where life is a game. People have levels and stats, and wars are common. People clear dungeons for fun. He never thought that he was special. He was odd, yes, but when he is
dispatched to clear a dungeon, he will find many, many, more surprises and challenges await him.

 MFO (Magic Fortress Online)




The wind whipped through his hair as he ran, a dark streak, a blur of movement. That was the last thing the sentry saw, right before he disappeared in a flash, leaving no trace, but an imprint where he had been standing. Not a sound, not a sight. Consumed by an everlasting darkness, that would engulf his character, leaving it utterly destroyed until the war ended. There was no recovering from this spell, and it gave the defending team a huge disadvantage.

The silent assassin teleported past the wall, not even caring that the number of defenders on it had doubled. He reappeared on the other side, took out a staff, and quickly blasted 2 of the defenders with the staff’s red light. Several other defenders sent blasts of blue light his ways, but he merely laughed, easily deflected one, and dodged the other. The deflected light hit one of the defenders sending him sprawling.

The assassin dashed through the halls of the Fortress, whacking defenders over the head with his staff. He bolted through the halls, looking for the lever to open the fortress gates. Something was wrong, this was too easy. He quickly activated a clairvoyance spell and located the lever. He ran through and flipped the switch. As the gate opened, hundreds of attackers poured in through the opening. Some wielding huge battle axes and broadswords, others with shields, and many, many, more armed with staves.

All of a sudden, defenders poured out of every nook and cranny, surrounding the attackers. It had been a trap! Thinking quickly, the assassin dashed out of the room and jumped onto one of the outer walls of the fortress. He climbed it to the top, and activated an invisibility spell. He slipped past a few of the guards, navigating his way through a labyrinth, jumping over traps, and sneaking past monsters. He knew this place like the back of his hand, having been a defender before.

He reached the middle of the maze, and saw his prize. A solid gold, staff, capable of casting 3 spells at once! It was an amazingly overpowered weapon, and here it was, right under his nose. He knew that an alarm would activate as soon as he grabbed it, but if he equipped it at once and used 2 protective spells as well as invisibility, he could make it out alive.

As soon as he grabbed it, something went wrong. The floor disappeared, and he fell down, along with the staff. He quickly cast a flight spell, but it gave out. They must have put anti-spells in here. When he attempted to teleport out, he fell further down. As he fell, he saw a dull red glow coming from the bottom. Lava! He knew that it would be the end of him if he landed in it, but if he used a fire invincibility spell, he might not lose all of his HP.

As he neared the pit, the wall crumbled, and a huge monster crashed through, roaring. It sounded like a dying moose, only 10 times louder, filling up the pit. It resembled a huge minotaur. It had a huge head, like that of a bull, with incredibly sharp, wicked horns. It had the body of a blue, furry, man, and on its back, a huge battle axe strapped to it. The assassin slammed against the floor, depleting half of his HP.

Every bone in his body screamed in pain, and his muscles protested adamantly as he tried to stand. The monster rose it’s fist. The assassin barely rolled out of the way in time, seeing the spot he had been in crack and crumble, falling into the lava below. The monster he was a facing was a boss, found on the 37th floor of the ice dungeon. It was level 85, and had 6 HP bars. It must have taken more than a day to bring that monster into the fortress, and cost many people their lives. He pulled out his new golden staff, and sent a column of fire against it. The beast screamed in agony, and tried to punch the assassin. He quickly sidestepped the attack, and summoned a huge, fiery golem, commanding it to attack and destroy the minotaur.

As the golem engaged it’s foe, the assassin enchanted the golem with bonus HP and strength. He then lept through the hole the minotaur had made, and teleported out, into the chaos of the fortress below.

The fight was crazy. There was screaming and yelling, many people lay dead on the floor, burned, frozen, and stabbed. Many more were fighting and yelling, determined to win. The assassin pulled out his staff and raised it high in the air. He activated a mass petrification spell, freezing everyone in the area.

He rose up in the air using flight magic. “Warriors of Arctic, we have taken your sacred weapon, and are nearing victory in the assault on your capital. You have lost, Arctic is no more. However, if you give up now, and support us, we shall let you continue to rule yourselves. If not, I will slaughter all of you, right now. My nation intends to defeat the Darkness, they have been killing our people, unite with us against the common enemy, and we shall annihilate them.” The assassin deactivated his spell, and he heard the enemy warriors chanting together as one, “Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix.” The assassin smiled to himself. He was now ready to defeat the Darkness.


Chapter 1

As the smell of burning reached his nose, he smiled. This was it, they had nearly reached the capital. They had killed thousands of the Darkness, and more were going to die as soon as they reached the capital. Capable of incredibly strong dark magic, each Darkness was fully equipped to take down 3 normal men. They were each decked out with a black staff, capable of casting 2 spells at a time, as well as amplifying dark magic. He planned on annihilating the entire godforsaken race. They are a scourge upon this world, he thought, and must be eliminated like pests.

The Darkness capital was only a few days march from here, and it was a fully equipped fortress, strong enough to defeat a level 600 boss. The only way to defeat it was to swarm it will all of the other nations. The odds of winning were quite significant, but he knew that the Darkness could easily turn it around with an unknown trick. They had over 300,000 soldiers, against the calculated 4,000 defenders.

The plan was to have 50 mages teleport in, open the gates, and then swarm the defenders. It seemed simple enough to the ear, but there were quite a few major complications. The fortress was huge, and it would take hours to search the entire place. The lever would be cleverly hidden with enchantments, disguises, and they would be unable to use clairvoyance  and invisibility spells. They would have to search manually, which could take hours, time which they just didn’t have. Just by teleporting in, an alarm would be set off, and within 10 minutes, defenders would swarm them. It would be near impossible, but he had faith. They were the only things standing between the peace of this land. Then, they had to face Darkness warriors, who would be able to annihilate his forces, considering the fact that they could use wide range AOE attacks to affect multiple attackers, yet not damaging their own. Finally, they would need a way to actually kill the Darkness. There were so many, and it would be near impossible to hunt every single one down. The fortress was huge. They also had to wipe out every village and town afterwards, which would be extremely challenging considering he would only have about 5% of his army left.


Chapter 2

As the sun slowly crept up out of the sky, the fortress started to appear. It was like a huge, spiky black castle. First only the bottom was visible, but as the invisibility spell wore out, the attackers lay in wait, invisible on the soon to be battle ground. The mages ran towards the walls, wishing to get as close as possible before teleporting.

They reached the edge of the wall and teleported right past it. Nothing happened. They looked around and heard nothing, saw nothing. Perhaps the Darkness were not ready for an attack. They confidently strode into one of the huge black halls. All of a sudden, one of the mages disappeared with a yelp. Another fell back, disintegrating into black dust. A third dissipated into smoke. All of a sudden mages were disappearing left and right. In a matter of seconds, the force of 50 had been cut down to 25. As the mages ran for cover, black guns mounted from turrets turned to face them, spraying them with a hail of bullets. 10 mages remained. Those that were still alive had activated shields, barely blocking the black storm of destruction. As they ran through the halls, 2 more fell into a pit that had appeared out of nowhere. As their screams slowly subsided, the pit disappeared. Still running, the remaining mages rushed to the end of the hall, where a lever awaited. The one in front, seeing a lever, grabbed it and pulled it quickly, with all his might. All of a sudden 3 of the mages, including him, evaporated into thin air. The 5 remaining ran through a second hall, speeding along, hoping that the traps would miss them. A shriek, another casualty. A wall of spikes, another casualty. As the last 3 mages reached the end of the 2nd hall and turned to go left, they were met with an army of thousands upon thousands of defenders. The leader lazily flicked his hand, and the 3 mages disappeared, leaving no trace. The attackers knew instantly when the first mage died. After 30 losses, they threw caution to the wind and rushed at the fortress, determined to avenge their comrades. The strongest of them grabbed a battering ram and forced their way through the gate, but as the mob surged through, a huge hole appeared. Thousands of men fell into it. The impact was so great that it was impossible to survive. As attackers summoned bridges to close the gap, the black turrets turned towards them and sent forth another storm of bullets, destroying everything in its path. As more attackers surged into the fortress, defenders rushed out through the halls. They summoned all sorts of different projectiles, launching them at the attackers. Slowly, the army was cut to pieces, until only 50,000 remained. As the survivors slowly regrouped, they realized that the Darkness had over 50,000 men. They must have been pulled from other towns and cities to defend the capital. As one, all of the survivors ran into the hallways, hoping to escape. Scattering, hundreds of them were massacred trying to escape. Dashing through the halls, 46,000 men scattered throughout the huge building, hoping to escape. It had been a suicide mission, one thought. As he ran through the hall, he saw comrades left and right falling, pierced by a spear or sword. He saw many, many more lying dead around him. An arrow flashed by his head, opening a small gash under his ear. As he ran, he tried to make no sound. He came back to his senses and activated a shield charm and spell. A mere 10,000 men were left. As more defenses kicked in, more attackers fell. Hundreds just started dissipating. Many of the halls lead to dead ends. As defenders converged on cornered soldiers, many last ditch attempts were made, such as self destruct spells and grenades. Nothing helped. The Darkness had less than 15 casualties in all, and the attackers had lost more than 295,000. It was over. As less than 5,000 soldiers managed to escape through the broken gate, more tripped and fell into the pit. As the survivors ran, they heard laughter and jeering from the Darkness, as arrows whizzed by their heads. After several days of running for their life, the survivors managed to cross the border into Phoenix territory. As they neared the capital, many collapsed, forcing their comrades to drag them. Finally, they reached the capital, and the leader found out what had happened. All 5 nations had failed to defeat the Darkness. He had no choice, it was time for plan B. He had to enlist the help of the Giants. Giants, a powerful race of incredibly magic resistant beings. They were huge, hulking, hairy, masses. They were humanoid, but they seemed to be invincible. The Giants would do anything for cash, but they were expensive. Enlisting their help would cost nearly all of their funds. First, the remaining 5,000 men were dispersed in parties of 100 to raid nearby dungeons, defeat bosses, and gather gold. They would need the funding for the next assault.


Chapter 3

Carter had never felt so alive. The wind in his hair, locked in a deadly struggle with a fire dragon. The dragon kept swiping and swiping and swiping at him with its deadly claws. He kept parrying it with his heavy metal staff. Carter was an unusual mage. Unlike most mages, he favored close combat and combat magic. Instead of using shield charms, he preferred blocking attacks. He used a heavy metal staff because a wooden staff was too easy to break, making close combat too much of a liability. He’d like to use a sword, but that would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight. As the dragon swiped at him relentlessly over and over again, it started to rear its head back. It took a deep breath, and then blew it out, sending a wave of flames over the entire battlefield. As Carter effortlessly dodged it, a claw came out of nowhere from above. He barely managed to block it, but the claw stayed on the staff. It slowly pressed down on him, requiring all of his strength to hold it up. As the dragon pressed it’s weight against him, the ground started to crack. Another claw appeared to his left, he barely dodged it, but by doing so, he let go of the staff with one hand. The dragon claw smashed down, barely missing Carter. He heard a sharp SNAP, and realized that his staff was no longer usable. Swearing silently, He looked around for a weapon. Something, anything! He saw a black sword. It was slick and shiny, but it didn’t reflect the light. It just seemed to give off a black aura, and maybe even suck in the light. As he ran towards it, he dodged a blow from the dragon. Rolling to the sides, he grabbed the hilt and jerked upwards. As the dragon snarled, it reared back and took flight, grabbing him by the waist. Its long talons stabbing into him, causing him to scream in pain. As his HP slowly decreased, his mind started to go blank. He chopped at the toe, and to his surprise, it was sliced clean in two. The dragon shrieked in agony and dropped him. As Carter fell, he pulled out a health potion, drinking it the instant before he hit the ground. He smashed into the floor, leaving a huge hole where he had landed. His near full HP bar had been depleted close to nothing.  As he drank 2 more potions, the dragon flew back, and landed on the ground with a huge shudder. This sword seems to cut dragon hide very well, Carter thought, maybe if I cut off it’s wing, I could kill it. As the dragon tried to body-slam him, he leapt out of the way, ricocheted off a rock, and brought his sword down on one of the dragon’s wings. As he slashed through it, the dragon bellowed in pain, leaving Carter’s ears ringing. He jumped onto the dragon’s back, climbed up to the head, and stabbed downwards, piercing the thick hide and skull. As the dragon screamed, the sword seemed to absorb it, turning it into a red light that flew towards the sword, dissipating as soon as it touched it. As the dragon disappeared, a window appeared before him, showing the rewards he had received. Looking closely, he saw he had received nearly 50,000 gold. As he sat down to rest, the other members of his party ran over a hill, cheering him on. While in the dungeon, he had distracted the huge dragon while the rest of the group had focused on the main group. Apparently, the diversion had worked. As he moved on to the next floor, his mind wandered back to when his mysterious black sword had absorbed the dragon. As the next boss boss came into view, Carter heard a shriek that chilled him to the bone. As he backed up the huge, walking, tiger seemed to stare right at him. Then, he heard a roar. A red blur zipped through the sky. Carter heard the roar again, and next thing he knew, his HP was at half, and he flying through the sky, impaled by red talons. As he “flew” through the sky, his HP bar slowly decreased. Up ahead, he spotted a red nest, made of sticks, and brush. It was a huge upside down dome, at least 500 feet wide, and inside of it, a horde of fire dragons, ready to eat their next meal. Him.

Chapter 4

Carter swung his sword, cutting the talon of the dragon right off. As he did so, another dragon grabbed him with his talons, and pulled him down into the mess of beaks and claws below. Carter screamed and swung wildly, cutting through everything near him, his sword absorbing so much light. His HP was not just decreasing, it was shooting downwards at an alarming pace. Carter fell to his knees. All of a sudden, his sword started to glow, but it seemed to glow black, as if emitting darkness. As Carter closed his eyes, preparing for the worst, pitch black smoke flew everywhere, engulfing the dragons, and then suddenly withdrawing right back into the sword, taking everything alive along with it. As Carter opened his eyes, all he saw was carnage and destruction. The only trace of the dragons was the debris flung all over the nest. As he walked back to the boss room, he saw him teammates in trouble. The boss was an anti-magic boss, meaning that spells had no effect. Any close combat mage they had at the start were all dead. As Carter neared, he saw his comrades flung around, bitten, and smashed. As his team was annihilated, he rushed towards the boss. Swinging his sword like a madman, he screamed in rage. As the boss reached down to grab him, Carter’s sword slashed right through it, leaving a black stump. The boss screamed, jumping high up into the air, and pounced on Carter. He dodged and then stabbed his sword through the ribcage of the beast. As it screamed in pain, Carter leapt off the beast and ran away. As it toppled over, it disintegrated into black dust, which disappeared. As the quest was completed, a white quest window appeared, showing the rewards. He had gotten 500 black powder, usable to upgrade his dark sword. As the other 14 other survivors struggled to sit up, Carter brought them some healing and regeneration potions. As one of them chugged it, his HP slowly rose. He recounted all about how they had been ambushed by a boss that was 100 levels over the normal. They hadn’t expected such a strong boss, and the team had been quickly wiped out. As two others started arguing over whether or not they should keep going, Carter pulled out his sword to examine it. As he did, a window appeared, asking him if he would like to add 250 dust to his sword. As he clicked the blue circle icon, his sword became heavier and longer. A window came up asking him what attribute he would like to add to his sword, and Carter, thinking quickly, picked speed, as a heavier sword would need to be easier to wield. As half of his black dust disappeared, a huge black door appeared. It was made of solid black metal, like the sword. It was carved with huge black skulls, and seemed to emanate a sort of dark aura, drawing in all of the light, darkening the room into a dusk type of light. One of the soldiers screamed in pain as black tendrils grabbed him by his torso and his arm, pulling them apart. A loud crack sound, and the tendrils dropped the soldier. As it creeped towards Carter, he shouted, and slashed through the tendril. As an inch of the top came off, the tentacle fell limp. As hundreds more crept towards him, he slashed and stabbed through tendrils, making hundreds of black tentacles fall limp. All of a sudden, the disembodied tentacle tops grabbed his arms, torso, and legs. They dragged Carter towards the door. Screaming he tried to slash through the tendrils, but he couldn’t move. The black door opened, showing a void. As it sucked him in, everything went black, and no light or sound penetrated the void.


Chapter 5


As he screamed, no sound came out, and he seemed to feel extremely cold. As suddenly as it began, he appeared in a pure black cavern. As he looked around, he saw a big black hallway, walled over in black bricks. Black torches sat on the walls. It was very brightly lit, even though the torches didn’t seem to give off any light.Carter heard a horrible scream. It echoed throughout the hall, reverberating and making the torches shake. Carter saw a black mass rushing towards him. He couldn’t make out the exact shape, but it was about the size of  a huge elephant. As Carter ran through the long hall, he felt something rush past him. He looked towards the place where the projectile had gone, and he saw a huge spike jutting out of one of the walls. As the hallway made a sudden turn, Carter heard a whistling sound. He rolled into the turn, jumping up and sprinting once again. Behind him, 4 huge wooden spikes jutted out of the wall where his head had been. As he ran, he started to notice different tapestries on the walls. One showed a manticore fighting a knight in shiny silver armor. The manticore was a shiny black beetle with a tail that shot spikes. Another showed that same Manticore battling a mage, trying to break through the magic shield the mage had put up. Another showed the manticore fighting a boy cloaked in darkness. This tapestry was especially noticeable because in this one, the manticore was dying. As he came across another turn, he tripped and fell. As he was getting up, a spike went shooting past his leg, ripping off some of the fabric for his pants. Carter got up and ran again, turning, and seeing a black, humanoid shape, ran towards it. As he ran, the huge mass, rushed towards him, only a couple feet away. He suddenly became able to make out the shape, and realized that the shape was of a manticore. As he ran towards the humanoid shape, it turned towards him. Carter recognized the boy cloaked in black from the tapestry. The boy looked at Carter calmly, then looked at the manticore. He lazily brought his finger up, and pointed it at the manticore. He made a finger gun, and lazily said, “boom.” The word didn’t seem to come from the boy, and Carter didn’t really hear it. It seemed to just appear in his head. The manticore exploded into black dust. Carter flew towards the boy, being pushed forward by the black dust. Carter suddenly, fell down, covered in the black dust. As he tried to claw his way free, the black dust disappeared, going into Carter. As it did, he got a message saying he had received 20,000 black dust. The boy slowly walked over to Carter, looking him up and down. Wordlessly, he extended his hand. The boy had black hair and pale white skin. He had a pure black coat on with the sleeves extending all the way to his hand. On his hand, he had a black glove. As Carter took the hand, the boy pulled him to his feet, and then disappeared.  As he did, black smoke seemed to swirl around him, and then slowly collapse in on itself. As the boy disappeared, a piece of metal lay at Carter’s feet. As he picked it up, he saw that it was a compass. However, instead of displaying North, East, South, and West, it simply had a black arrow pointing in one direction. It pointed into a huge maze of black corridors. From it, he heard screeches and roars that made Carter’s blood run cold. A chill went down his spine as he started walking towards it. There would be more evil creatures in there, he knew, but he had to go in there, to discover what this place was, and how to escape. As he ran towards it, a jet of fire rushed at his head. He slid under it, and found himself engaged in a battle with a phoenix. He easily evaded it and slashed off it’s head. As he did so, the phoenix burst into flames, appearing again. This is going to be fun, Carter thought.




Submitted: February 11, 2018

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