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A group of kids are thrown into a new world. A world where they seem to have... Powers?

Submitted: November 18, 2010

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



(Copyright Justin A. Pierce 2009)

Fade in:

Normal house covers screen. Early morning. Damp out. Slight drizzle. Road in front of house is just visible. Yard is completely visible. Well taken care of. But still nothing special. Car drives by. We hear yelling. From house. Front door open. 18 year old brunette comes out angry. She wears a brown leather jacket that fits to her body and dark jeans. The shirt she is wearing shows, due to the fact that her jacket is unbuttoned. It is all white with a red target symbol. Not the store. Before she closes the door we hear her yell…

Fine! Live out your pathetic excuse for a life with your PATHETIC EXCUSE for a family! See what I care! Tell the step-monster I said hi!

Anne slams the door and we hear breaking glass from inside. Whoever is inside is mad. Anne walks off of the porch and takes the phone out of her coat jacket and begins to text as she walks.

Cut to: phone view

(we see Anne’s fingers slide thoughtlessly over the dials of the phone typing out her message. THE TEXT IS ADRESSED TO “JOSHUA <3”. She begins to type “hey, babe… can you pick me up? It happened again-)

Cut To: side view

(camera follows Anne walking down her driveway, still texting. Paying no attention. only when she passes her mailbox and steps foot onto the road, do we see the solid black sports car lurching towards her.)

(Too late.)


(She jumps and turns her head.)

(Car makes contact and suddenly there is smoke and sounds of crunching metal. Anne’s body is seen lurching forward.)

Cut to: top view

(The black car is now at a full stop and random car alarms around them start to go off. Smoke is hiding the view of the victim.)

Cut to: road view of car

(We see the smoke is clearing. The car is destroyed. The windshield is busted out and the front of the car is a mangled mess of twisted car. On the other side of the car we see Anne’s house door opening and her mother comes out.)

Anne’s Mother.
Oh my god!!! Anne!!! Anne!!!

(She runs off screen and we begin to follow her. The camera turns to keep her in the shot and we see a body crumpled about a hundred feet ahead. Anne’s mother is still screaming. We see others coming out of their house. A good citizen has already rushed towards Anne and is trying to help her. A man has grabbed Anne’s mother and is trying to keep her away from the body for a moment. He consoles her.)

Cut to: above shot of body.

(Man checks her. He knows what he’s doing and begins very fast but slowly begins to stop.)

Cut to: Shot of the scene from behind mother

(Mother puts her face in mans shoulder as she sobbs.)

Anne’s Mother.
Oh god… Anne… Anne…

Cut to: Good citizen and Anne

(Man has stopped and is looking at her in amazement)

Random neighbor #1.
Bill, how is she?
Random Neighbor #2.
Is she….?

Random neighbor #3.
Oh, god… Somebody call the police!!

(Good citizen gets up slowly and just looks down. Random male neighbor makes his way to him. Hand on shoulder.)

Random neighbor #4.
How is she Bill…?

Bill/Good Citizen.
She’s… She’s…

Cut to: above body shot.

(The camera turns slowly from above her in the air.)

Cut to: Bill’s face

She’s… Fine…

Cut to. Right above Anne.

(Her eyes fly open and she gasps.)

Cut to: side view.

(Anne simply looks around. Gasps come from everywhere and Anne’s mother attacks her with hugs and oh my gods… Anne looks at her hands. Her legs. The car… Amazed.)

Cut to: Ground beside Anne

(We see her cell-phone laying on the ground lit up and buzzing. It reads “TEXT FROM: Joshua <3”)


Fade in.

(we see an office with large windows. The room is lit by the bright sun coming through them. We hear multiple telephones ringing and we see people bustling around the office building outside the office through other windows. Telephone rings very loudly and we realize it’s coming from the room were in right now. At the untidy desk we see the perfect example of a lead newspaper reporter. He picks up the phone and puts it between his ear and shoulder but continues what he is writing.)

Gibson here. If it ain’t news, don’t bother.

(We hear excited conversation from phone. Not enough to understand them but enough to hear.)

Gibson. (unexcited at first)
Uhuh. Yeah. Gotcha. Well if that’s all- Wait a minute, what did you just say? Lived? Not a scratch? Am I the first person you contacted?! What do you mean NO?!?! Idiot! You had better-

(A lesser reporter runs in the office. Gibson looks up.)

Sir, sir. We just got word about a girl down in columbus. Car hit her and she’s perfectly fine. Their saying she’s the next supergirl or something! Sir, She-

I know! I know! Now stop your messing around Bryant, and get over there! The clocks ticking boy!

(Bryant stands there amazed that he even knew his name. Oh and the fact that he is letting him cover a story.)

Get over there Boy!

Oh, yes sir. Sorry sir I-


Yes Sir!

(Begins to leave.)

Oh, and Bryant.

Cut to: Close up on Gibson’s face.

(Gibson cont.)
Take Mitchell with you.


(Screen lights up again and we see the front of a hospital. A busy one at that. We see people shuffling in from every direction. We then se a van screech to a halt right in front of the hospital almost hitting an old couple who are on their way in to see a loved one. Two reporters bust out and rush into the doors. Bryant and Mitchell, a professional looking short haired blonde man in a suit. They are followed by crowds of them coming from everydirection. The competition. All not bothering being quiet at all. They rush in, cameras blazing, pens and pencils jotting.)

Cut to: hospital room

(Anne’s mother sits in a chair across the room, her head in her hands… it seems like she’s praying. Anne sits in the hospital bed, hooked up to tubes and machines. Other than that she looks perfectly fine. Not a scratch on her body. An 18 year old boy sits beside her, holding her hand. They talk. She frowns.)

They say I’m gonna be here for a while… I’m ok, but they won’t believe me…

(she crosses her arms, pouting a little bit.)

Just be glad you’re… alive…

(Grabs her hand and kisses it)

You’re too much…


I don’t feel like enough-

(Immediately we hear a thousand cameras flashing and the reporters try and rush in. Anne gasps and Joshua gets up, getting mad. His fists are at his side.)

Get the hell-

Doctor. (from out of room.)
Out! Out! Give some respect! Nurse, get these people out of here! Hey! I said out!

(we now see the doctor shove through the reporters and begin to pull them out. The doctor is… Strong. Intimidating. The reporters scatter. Nurse begins to instruct them.)

You can sit in the waiting room. If they will let you, you may speak with them after the proper tests are taken.

(the doctor now looks at Anne and smiles politely.)

I’m sorry. You’re case is… A very popular one.

(Goes to the door and closes it)

Anne, do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Just to fully understand how this… Result… might have happened.

Thanks doc, but were in the middle of-

Of course you can. Joshua, it’s fine. The sooner be get out of here the better. Joshua… Sit over there.

Well thank you, and I promise I wont take much of your time.

Now, have you been feeling…


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