The City Sleeps All: A Screenplay by: J.A. Pierce

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Mafia themed who-done-it.

Submitted: November 18, 2010

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



(Copyright 2010 Justin A. Pierce)

The City Sleeps All


Justin A. Pierce

Fade In:

(Nothing. Pure black engulfs the screen.

Suddenly a door opens. Light floods onto the screen. The pictures comes to life.

Dust particles linger in the mid-day sunlight.

The scene is in black and white.

A man walks in. Joel Stance. 24 years old. good looking man. Slight sharp features to his face. Slightly muscular build. Brownish hair is visible coming out from under a beanie cap and he has mature looking facial hair. Completely unlike his wardrobe. Blue jeans, faded of course. A striped t-shirt, not a polo. Leather jacket equipped with the hooded sweat-shirt underneath.

Joels house is not fancy by any means, yet not at all trashy. there is the obvious touch of a woman. It's well taken care of.

To the left of the door is an old hunker of a tv sitting on a wooden end table. Above the tv, a coat rack has been screwed onto the wall.

On the right of the door, a closk sits on the wall directly above face level with Joel. We can faintly read that the time is 5:46.

Cut to: Pictures on tv.

1.) Faded. Joel and his twin sister amanda, both at the age of nine at christmas time. The two are in a sideways hug, both are looking at the camera laughing.

2.) An old family picture. Amanda and Joel are now 15 years old each and sitting on the opposite sides of their parents. the father is a striking, clean shaven man with very fancy brown hair. The mother is a much younger, beautiful woman with long blonde hair. We can tell where the children got their looks.

3.) A beautiful girl and Joel exchange a kiss in the picture. This is our first glance of Sadie. She has nice, blonde, mid-length hair a little past her shoulders. The grass underneath their bodies is visible and the sun lights their faces up. truly a touching sight.

And as we take a peak at all this...)


"The City Sleeps All." the last words of an old man i never met. His name was Johnson. (sigh) First off, i'd just like to say that I am in fact narrorating this story so don't worry. There's not going to be some meaningful ending where Give up my life for some chick. You know, jump in front of a bullet and all that.

No, i'm still alive, but I do think you should keep watching because, if i do say so myself, it's a d*** good story.

Alright, that's it-

Wait, one more thing. For all you young couples out there. There will be NO frolicking of any kind during this film. That's what the backseat is for.

Trust me.

Cut to: clock.

(It ticks away, the ticking made audible. tustling is heard in the background)

Cut to: Joel.

(Joel closes the door andflips the light switch to "on". He then cracks his neck and shrugs his jacket off and throws it onto the rack. Takes off beanie and also throws it onto rack.

He sighs.

Shuffles over to the couch and slumps onto the couch and yawns, his face contorting into a sleepy state. he lays there for a few moments, eyes closed, resting.

Only when he opens his eyes again does he see the dead body slumped against the opposite wall.

WOAH!! (almost comical)

(joel jumps backwards onto the couch and pushes his back against the wall almost as if trying to escape the lifeless corpse.


Joel (cont.)
What the-... Man!... WHA-

Slithers off the couch now being careful to stay as far away from the body as humanely possible. He backs into the small kitchen. his facial expression show's he's thinking something along the lines of "What the hell do i do now?!?)

(Joel finally lowers onto one knee holding his head and mutters..)

Oh, God... Oh, God...

the camera is now behind him zopoming out and fades as it travels through the wall behing joel. All-the-while Joel is speaking as a voice over. we now are traveling backwards through what seems like a milllion types of walls, hospital, mall, house, anything. this is when the credits role.)

Joel (V/O)
the first time you see a dead body, and i mean a real one, not some pretty and cheap version you see on tv or at funerals, your different. Changed... We see death in movies, on tv... Read about it in books and all. We see it so much throughout our lives that we familiarize ourselves with the the idea of a "Noble Death". The ironic thing is that once death finally reaches through that thin plain of existence and taps you on the shoulder, your scared S***less. The thing you thought to be so noble, isn't at all. It's hard and cruel and scary. It's life.

When the camera resurfaces, the picture is now in color. Joel is sitting at an outside cafe table with two older males.

To be continued...

© Copyright 2017 thecitysleepsall. All rights reserved.

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