What is the Spark That Exists in a Person?

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After reading Descartes, Plato, and Aristotle, comes a small note on the soul...

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



What is the spark that exists in a human?  Why do we do the things we do?


The basic human response to the world is…


"Give Me Something. Give. Me. Something. Something..."

Everybody needs something.  Let’s take that as a given.

Let’s define something.  Something means MEANING, something you find enjoyable, typically a story, an emotional response, or eating cake on your birthday.

Humans can't survive without meaning. We live this life through stories we share, because we are fundamentally thoughts, ideas, and words.


You have a spark inside you that has motive. If there were no thoughts, ideas, or words, you would still have the spark. What is this divine spark that we call the soul, or psyche, or consciousness?  We know nothing about consciousness.  Computers can create data, share, and connect from wire to wire, much like a human brain.  Our neurons react in a similar way.  Humans can get together with likeminded, wonderful people and share ideas, laugh, and share data.  How come computers can’t love this interaction like we do?  What is the divine spark in humans that make us Human?  And how do we make contact with it?


The holy fire; the terrible and lovely mansion of flame, is there, inside your mind.  The desired motive that causes an organism to be, in life, is like a candle.  Billions upon billions of candles fill the universe.  Some of them are far and some of them are near.  Some are fixed and some burn free.  Some dance and some are purposeful.  But all are equally beautiful.  These candles – these stars – are fuel for us to be.  Our soul is fire.


All we have are words.  We have catalogued and defined our existence with words.  Words came second though.  First we see something then we call upon a word that defines it.  Perception is first.  What is beneath perception?  What if there were no words?  Who are you then?  What is the opposite of words?  When we live, with regards to talking, we are communicating thoughts, ideas, will, and ultimately what we want in the world.


If we don’t think of ourselves as physical beings than we are seeing ourselves as spiritual beings, implying that our behavior does not follow natural laws.


If we don’t think of ourselves as spiritual beings than we are seeing ourselves as only physical, implying we are entirely made up of material and can be studied under natural law.


As Descartes sees it... Humans are both materialistic (machines) and also posses a soul.  On the one hand we can be studied under natural laws but on the other hand we can't.


The soul’s activity is essentially immaterial.  The body and mind is made up of material.  They both balance each other but also block each other.  If the physical and material can block your path the same could be true for the unknown and unmeasurable.  The soul can do anything... but maybe it is sometimes blocked by the materialistic, natural laws.  The same way natural laws are blocked by the soul.


The world is mostly made up of natural laws that the soul, mind, and body have to obey, however some laws can be broken if the will is strong enough.


I imagine the soul being something like a dream state, where anything can happen.  A place where vampires exist, unicorns, human flying, etc.  This is our soul – filled with sorrow and joy.  Maybe this place is like heaven as well.  Maybe when Catholics say we go to heaven when we die we go to a place like this.  It no longer matters what your body has been through in earth.  It doesn’t matter if you were ill, famous, or homeless.  Your soul transcends your body and you can be whatever you wish to be, see, or do.  Just like a dream – you are free from limitations.


What is beneath me, without words?  I don't think it’s love... But It’s pretty close.


Love: A deep, tender affection for someone or something.


There are many different styles of love – compassionate, unconditional, and loyal, etc – but what makes a person choose that particular style of love?  Is their choice based on profundity and meaning or do they choose based on rudimentary motives like environment and biology?  Are people pre-disposed when it comes to love?  Do we like certain things simply cause it makes us feel good?


Why do I hate certain things but that same thing someone loves?  Is it the object being loved that gives us meaning or us loving the object?  Who is behind the curtain that tells me what to love and what not to?


As for me, I would hope to be something simple that held hands with all things I encountered.  The closest thing that I can picture this person being is a dog.


I am capable of anything.  Am I capable of nothing?


For literally centuries and centuries, humans have always perceived themselves as special in some way, distinct from everything else in the world around us.  Through out history we have been great and terrible.


We become who we are in the world by repeating the same activities over and over.  If you listen to the natural, you will be more safe, logical, and common.  If you listen to the soul, you will see and do things that are more strange, spiritual, and immeasurable.  Most people live in the natural than in the spiritual.  The responsibility is too much to live spiritually and ethereal while living in a natural world.  People who entertain more of the one side will exhibit more of those traits.


And it’s not a simple attitude adjustment that fixes things.  Being human is very difficult.  You are your own problem, other people can be a problem, and the forces of nature can be a problem.  But what do you do when you are faced with a problem?  Most of us try to fix it.  For after all, we are responsible people living the life we want.  We are not babies anymore… or are we.


How do you know you are walking?  What makes you move?  When did you decide to stop crawling and start walking?  1 years old?  2 years old?  What was going on in your mind at this time?  It is very difficult for adults to walk consciously at 30 years old, let alone a baby.  Adults let their subconscious do everything for them, while a baby does not, which is almost a sacred thing.  You try walking for an hour consciously and see how far you get.  I suggest you are still crawling.  Might you want to try and begin to walk again?


But does a baby know religion?  Does a baby know God?  We don’t know.  We will never know because of the nature of babies.  You can’t ask a baby what they are thinking simply because they haven’t developed yet.  Since we are all babies, young or old, can we even ask ourselves if we know God?


I am nothing and everything.  I am a planet circling around a star.


As Shakespeare said – The world is a stage and every man must play his part.  For me, this sums up life, consciousness, and meaning.  Everything connects, like the computer.  Like humans sharing data.  I also suggest that what happens in your early life will be played out on the stage forever and ever.  For this is when you were at your best, even if circumstances made early life hard for you.  For this is when you learned to walk. And your underlying truth is to be childlike, in its entirety, whether you realize it or not.


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