it's competition right?

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just read it, you'll love the ending for all those good people freaks. not that i'm saying your a freak.

Submitted: March 09, 2011

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Submitted: March 09, 2011



It didn’t start like a sordid fairy tale from the beginning of my childhood just hectic in a way. Just an ultimate fantasy of my behavior from when Lana and I were always in competition when we were growing up. It started of just you know benign; meaningless just what little kids would do as if playing around with each other. I would get one friend she would get two. Lana would have a big party and I would have a bigger one.

Up until middle school when Lana decided to toughen up the competition a little by jeopardize it as she would say “Just a little bit” and spread nasty rumors that somewhat caused a big spiel on who had what and some really mean name calling if I might add. But that was just the beginning of it.

It was our last year of middle school, graduation day to be precise and I was so happy. I’d been wearing my long but new V neck gown covered in lavishing red roses that spread around me from the neck down and I felt like this was my moment to shine as I walked up on stage to where the principle Shandon was holding my certificate.  It would have been the moment of all moments until I heard a rip from behind. It was my gown and my moment all ruined at once as I turned around Lana perched in a vindictive pose behind looking spellbound in her baby blue dress which matched the setting of her indigo eyes.

“Woops.” Lana said as I stared horrified at all the stares I was getting.

This was how it was supposed to go at all. At that moment I hated her with a passion so great that you could have roasted a marshmallow. But I wasn’t about to let her go on looking like the better person everyone thought she was so I forcibly fixed my facial expression towards a slight shrug of a cool smile and ripped the rest of my gown leaving everyone gasping at a presumptuous state of being as I once again walked up to principle Shandon acting unaffected by the audience.


It tore me that after that incident I could never really forgive her in any way and what tore me even more was that I felt fatuous for not stopping the competition that now grew more gruesome when our freshman year and sophomore year went by. We were no longer little conniving kids just teens trying to reach the top as our days in high school went by. We were no longer best friends anymore and I hadn’t realize how out of hand plotting and scheming like we were enemies could tear us apart like this but it was to late.

Lana no longer looked at me like we were close anymore not that she ever did it’s just now she looked at me like she didn’t know me and I did as well. This was our high school year and a little breakup in her book wasn’t going to stop what had already been started. All the time it was a battle just getting to school without me not hearing what she had done.

If I had one wish, maybe a shooting star, perhaps I would have wished that we could be the way we used to be. No competition for who was the best of what. We could rule the high school together with no vindictive planning on who would be at the top of the food chain. It was still hard to believe that we were ever friends to begin with.

“Plotting something?” Lana asked crossing her arms, austerity in her eyes as if she were ready for a match.

I really wasn’t in the mood to say anything snarky towards her so I shrugged my shoulders pulling a smirk off my face.

“Whatever it looks like to you.” I implied heading to my locker. First period would begin shortly.

Lana turned me around briskly as we faced each other. I couldn’t help feeling more drenched in tiredness remembering some happy moments we held in preschool.

“Are you ok?” Lana asked sounding worried which surprised me but she always did this, caring one moment, the next conniving on her next move.

“What does it matter to you?” I sighed turning yet away from her with such force feeling some what angry for trying to care.

“Ava?” Lana tapped my shoulder making it hard for me to open my locker. I stood their trying to calm down.

I turned around.

“We are we doing this?” I said leaning back against my locker.

“What?” she asked staring questioningly.

“Aren’t you tired of what’s been going on since we were little kids?” I closed my eyes remembering when we first met as she stayed quiet. “Wasn’t it easier?”

Lana sighed. I could still remember when she would smile at me kindly not vindictive in any way. No intentions of starting a fight or going after things harder then it was meant. When we were the kind of friends you’d fall spell bound to as you watched us strut around laughing no one able to keep their eyes of you.

“Remember those moments of freedom?” I asked opening my eyes to find Lana smiling at me.

We shared a special bond that hadn’t ever occurred since we were little fatuous kids always playing around. Singing, eating at the playgrounds as we overlooked the other kids who wanted to hang with us and the little incident when we had Lana’s sixth birthday party in Miss. Penny apples classroom when everyone was praising Lana for having so much cake and goodies. I think that’s when we became so competitive after other jealous incidents. But those were silly and we always made up.

“Remember when Andrew threw a wheel at Chris for not sharing Oreos with him?” Lana asked laughing as she pretended to hit me.

Students passed watching us together with ambivalence trying hard to believe what they were seeing as I laughed with her.

“That was the day Andrew got revenge on him by stealing his game boy.” We laughed howling trying hard not to imagine Chris crying over the incident.

As our laughter dyed down I leaned forward and we stared at each other like “Is this it?”

“I miss us, Lana.” I finally said wiping away a stray tear from laughter.

She nodded “Me to.” She congruently nodded.

Then I understood that she understood and great felicities filled my heart as we hugged and tears cam down my eyes. This was the real her not the competitive Lana that I knew. We were friends again. Somehow.


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