you stay with me and you sufer

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when everything lana loves dies what does she have to live for.

Submitted: November 02, 2009

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Submitted: November 02, 2009



My father left us, my mom is dead

They’d planned for me to get married but then the man left.

I have to fend for myself and my little sister and brother so we have someplace to stay,

There’s not much time till they find and split us apart the house and our love gone.

There’s not enough time till one of our deaths are going to come and we’ll have nothing.

As the days and nights get rough and we have no food we find our selves starving almost to our deaths.

My little sister won’t be able to make it and that makes me cry over and over till all my tears are gone.

I find myself wishing for anyone’s life, even wishing for al of us to die together,

So we can be together, me mom and my sister and brother

But that’s just a wish that we’ll never come true.

I go through the pain of loosing my sister one night

Now I have one thing to live for until my death.

I know our hunger will cause us to die any day, any night, even this instant

Just one more person till this will be put down and I will be happy

They have found us, and they’ve taken away my brother while I’m standing their through the tears wondering why now.

Why when I’m about to die with the person who’s dear to me.

Why when we could have been together forever, happy.

I want this to be a dream, a horrible dream to teach me never to take things for granted

I want my life back, want my mother back also my dad

I want it all back when things were happy, I don’t want this to be the end of a poor girls dream.

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