The Bunker

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Somebody (the narrator) wakes up in a mysterious bunker and begins to notice strange things. There is writing on the wall, scratch marks in the hallway, and the shuffling of feet in the darkness.

Fear. Pure fear is pulsing through my body and I have no idea why.  Fear is the only thing I know and feel right now. It is as if all the happiness is being sucked from the world. I don’t know where I am, I don’t know how I got here, and I have a small cut on my neck as if someone had stabbed me with a needle.  I remember what I was told to do in these situations, so I try to act calm.  Unfortunately, talking about being calm is very different from actually being calm.

In order to survive, I begin to search for other people.  My empty shouts into the void that is the hallway bring back no replies other than my bouncing echo.  Feeling slightly defeated, I begin to search the room I woke up in for any useful objects or clues as to why I am here.  After a few minutes of searching the dark, I am finally able to find a flashlight. Now, I have only one thought running through my head: “I need to find a light switch.” I walk around the room, feeling the walls and not using my flashlight in order to save batteries, until I feel a liquid oozing down the wall. I shine my flashlight on it and jump back when I see that it is blood spelling out the word “BEWARE.” I quickly shine my flashlight all around the room, checking for anybody.

“H-h-hello?” I call out to an empty room.

I decide that despite the warning on the wall, I will go out of the out of the room and search for an exit. Because there are many corridors to get lost in, I make only left hand turns so I will be able to easily find my way back. So far, all I have seen in this place is long, narrow corridors with no doors and no exit.

After what feels like hours of searching, I decide to make my way back to my room to get some sleep.

I wake up the next day with unexplainable scars everywhere. I am terrified at the thought of someone coming into my room in the middle of the night and doing this to me. It has been so long since my last meal, and I don’t know how much longer I can last without water.  With newly found determination to survive, I venture out into the corridors once more, this time making only right-hand turns.

I walk for what seems like miles, wondering if there will ever be an end to these halls. All along the way, I hear strange noises in the shadows: the shuffling of feet, the scratching f claws on metal, and the clanging of metal on metal. It is as if someone is trying to make me too scared to look for the exit. Despite being absolutely terrified, I continue to search for my escape.

As I am walking, my mind starts to wander. I think about how much I miss my home and a steady supply of food and water. I also miss having a comfortable bed to sleep on at night, without the fear of being attacked some mystery man whom I somehow wronged in the past.

Just as I feel like giving up and turning back, I finally see a door. With sudden adrenalin, I run towards the door. When I get there, I see something truly terrifying. There are claw marks all over the door. Panic fills my body. My worst fears are true; I was put here deliberately… and I’m not alone. Just as I turn to run, thousands of spiders are released and swarm all over me. How this evil mastermind who put me here knew I am terrified of spiders, I may never know, but now, all I am feeling is fear. Pure fear pulsates through my body. It is as I’d all the blood in my veins, it is liquid fear. I can feel the spiders biting me now, their venom being mixed with my blood. I stumble and fall to the ground, bruising my entire left side. I cannot think; I cannot even cry out for help. Then, everything goes black.

The next day I wake up in my bed. The bites covering my body confirm that this was no dream. This is real. This is too real. The next attack might end up killing me; or worse… getting me tortured to death. Still, I have to go back out there for two reasons. First, I have a better chance of surviving if I go out there than if I stay in here.  Second, I never checked to see if the exit was locked.

I walk back to the exit, regretting the decision the entire way there. Ignoring this inner thought, I venture on, determined to find a way out of this godforsaken place. As I am walking, I notice scratch marks lining the walls. Strangely, they all seem to be directed towards my room. As if someone was trying to resist being put into my room. I let this slide and walk on.

When I get to the exit, I just stop and wait for something to happen, something to jump out and scare me or take me away. Nothing does. I try to twist the doorknob. As expected, it does not turn all the way. As soon as I hear the click, I know something is wrong. I try running away from the door, but a giant steel barrier drops form the ceiling, blocking my path. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the walls begin to close in. Hoping that this is a nightmare, I crouch down, close my eyes, and count to five. 1…2…3…4…5. I panic when I open my eyes and see the walls continuing to close in. I now have half the floor space I did before.

Standing in a three by three foot square, wondering if this is how I’ll die, crushed between two walls. I hear another click, and a trapdoor opens below my feet. I fall into a pitch-black hole in the ground. As I fall, I can feel the air pressure dropping. Before I know it, I’ve passed out.

I wake up to the sight of the most frightening man I have ever seen in my life. Just looking at him gives me chills. He has thin lips and his nose is crooked, as if he’s been in many fights and had it broken several times. He is incredibly tall and slender, with a tight fitting suit. Every detail about him makes me terrified.

He just stares at me with his sharp, beady eyes, as if he is lost in thought. I try to stand up and realize that I am tied down.

“You’ll have to forgive me,” he says in a cold, cruel voice. “I had to tie you down to make sure you wouldn’t run away on me.” He then smiles wickedly and asks a simple question: “Do you know why you’re here?”

All I can do is stare at him. I simply don’t know the answer. I cannot imagine what I could have done to anger this man. He takes my silence as a sign of me telling him “I have no idea.”

He says, “I have brought you here for an experiment. You see, I am simply testing you to see how far you would have gone to save yourself.”

I lie there frozen in fear as this man, this mystery man speaks.

“I am actually surprised that you faced your deepest fear just to try to escape.”

“How did you know about my arachnophobia?” I ask, having this be the first thing I say to him.

“Well if I am going to conduct a proper experiment, I must first do my research,” he replies.

“Why did you do this?” I ask.

“Well, I already told you,” he replies, “It’s an experiment. But don’t worry, it’s all over now.”

“Does this mean I can go home?” I ask, tears filling my eyes.

“Ah yes, about that… please don’t take this personally, but I can’t have you blabbering to the police about this. I am truly sorry, but I am going to have to dispose of you.”

And with that, he came toward me with a knife and slit my throat. And everything went black.

Submitted: December 08, 2014

© Copyright 2021 TheComputerBug. All rights reserved.

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