the creature of the dark

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its about this creature that gets desturbed by a group of german miners thats drilling and it starts causing chaos over were this person named justin lives and its really good just read it!

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Prologue: Germany, Bergheim Mining Site, 2012, January 18th.

“Get that drill into the ground we only have Six hours!!!” Yelled the German Miner.

“Alright, alright but can I get a bit of Help over here!?” Responded another miner.

About 35 minutes later they got the Drill into the Ground and found an Underground lake. Suddenly the Drill was Pulled Fiercely Under the water “What was that?!” Screamed one of the miners.

A Few minutes later a Creature jumped out from the hole and Moved quickly and then attacked one of the German miners. The other German miners scurried and hid… 30 minutes later the attacked miner was found laying dead right beside the Drilling hole.


Chapter One.

U.S.A, San Francisco, 2012, January 19th, 7:00am.

“Good morning, honey” yawned Justin,

“Morning Justin” responded his wife, Jen.

A Few minutes later Justin got ready for work and then left.


“Hello honey I’m home. What are you watching?” Asked Justin.

“Just watching the news, and look a team of German workers was attacked by some sort of creature!” Said Jen.

“Oh it’s probably fake!” Responded Justin. A couple minutes later Jen got up and went to the kitchen to start making dinner.

Chapter Two.

U.S.A, San Francisco, 2012, January 22ND, 10:38am

“Yesterday at around 8:35pm a group of friends was attacked in the Gate National Recreation Area by an Odd fast moving creature. About 20 minutes after the Attack the Paramedics arrived and found that only one of the 3 Friends lived.”

“Hmm that’s pretty close to us” said Jen. Justin didn’t respond, Just walked Back up the stairs to go back to sleep.




Justin heard a Loud crash outside which woke him up. He looked out his window and saw his street being destroyed by something. The lamps were on the cement and burning, most of the windows were smashed cars were upside down and crushed… It was a mess. Justin grabbed his Pocket knife and went downstairs. The house was destroyed. The couches were ripped up and destroyed with Glass all over them. But then… He saw his wife lying on the floor… He had hoped she was just unconscious but then he turned her over and saw blood all over her back. He then went outside and saw the creature coming out from the smoke…

Chapter Three.

U.S.A, San Francisco, 2012, January 22ND, 4:00pm

Justin was blinded by anger. He ran at the creature and stabbed it in the back. The creature retaliated by swatting him in the face and kicking him to the ground. Blood was dripping down from Justin’s face… The creature then walked away. A Few minutes later Justin heard a Wretched screeching sound and saw Dead bodies rising from the ground… Like revenants. The creature then burrowed back underground… Into its Catacomb…

January 23rd, 8:52am.

Justin saw, in his blurry vision… a Phantasm of his wife walking toward him telling him to wake up...



To be continued…


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