Pure Hate

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i'm just letting out my anger, don't pay much attention to it, i just needed an outlet and this seemed to be the closest thing.

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



The anger i feel,

the hell i go through,

the crap i take,

the things i fake,

the bright days i used to miss,

the dark days i used to loathe,

my feeling of being alone,

even though someones sharing my soul,

for her to ruin my evening, 

with her hasty remarks,

to force me to abandon,

my friend in the dark,

to leave him alone,

where he would be left cold, 

cold in a mental sense,

for the the building was warm,

i wager her breath kept the air conditioner from working,

for all she spew was hate,

despair to all mankind,

no remorse for any day,

she would have left you all behind,

but you were blessed with something she wanted,

and she would do anything for it,

kill, steal, lie, cheat, destroy, build, lay, anything...

yet, if there was nothing to her benefit,

you'd be a bug under her scaly paw.

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