Success - The Dream of All

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another poem from school

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013




Come out on top, don’t give in. Let this be your way to win.

Total, concentration, filled with drive.

 Set to autopilot, live.


Leaping above, flying like a dove,

Setting your soul on fire.

Never give in, and you’ll always win,

Even when your down to the wire.


Hold on, be strong, live long, you must.

Don’t quit or grit, stay on, you must.

Believe, achieve, set your goals above.


Don’t worry or scurry, away

Listen to learn, and learn more and more.

Live, be free, don’t survive.

Understand be a man or WOAH- man if you please.

See, see clearly, and yet still free…


As this world has expanded, politically, technologically, musically, generally, there has always been success. From the highest mountain, to the deepest valley and to the smallest crest. When all we see, is only literally, never figuratively or fun, we have lost our success and our human crest of i-mag-i-na-tion. Yet, I’m here to say, that we should all be able to play from the simple rules I’m here to tell, and live long, and free and gong, the world to death, let it see our light, and taste our power as an intellectual race. To see our beauty, our ugliest booty, and watch us fly above the rest. So listen clearly, don’t shy away. For I have important things to say, as with this jury, and LOVELY beauty, you must experience and understand.


First, your success is your option alone, no one can choose it for you. Find out where and when, and why you want to succeed. Don’t pity or pat yourself on the back and wait for someone to come around. Pick your own pace, and then give chase, and then sack your dreams down. Don’t let people stop you, or take away your sparkle. Just kick them down and keep trucking.


Attack full fledge, don’t take a pledge, that says you are the one in the ad, who is the best in the world, that special boy or girl, that unstoppable locomotive of courage and strength, that freight train of power. Even in your final hour, remember to fight and give chase, till the day, you break down, mid stroke, or mid round. Till your body dies, and fades away.


 For success is a beautiful thing. Success is coming on top, winning, making your goal, and much more. Success is wonderful, success is amazing, success is the opposite of failure. Success is Success! Success is overcoming, success is power, success, success, success is, as always will be success!!


My success comes from much planning, planning done through a lot hard work and persistence. I’m goaled at being the best pianist in the world, rising above all composer, music readers or ear players. I’m getting closer and closer to that goal every day, why? Because I practice till my arms, hands, and fingers go numb, from when the sun rises, till the moon sets, till sky darkens and my life crashes, I shall fight for my goal.


I will succeed, you will succeed, we shall succeed!! We shall Succeed!! We shall succeed!! I will not give up, I will not give in, I shall not quit, cause I will win, don’t call me crazy, don’t say I’m nuts, just because, I’m persistent bub. I shall be freed, from inhabitations, from failure, from loss, from all negativety, and I’m going to a place where there’s everything I want, and nothing I don’t. and you my friend can have that place too. Just…


Come out on top, don’t give in. Let this be your way to win.

Total, concentration, filled with drive.

 Set to autopilot, live.


  -The Crimson Musketeer

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