The Dissolution of Daijun 1: The A Gang Chronicles

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A short story focused on the adventures of a small gang of young boys who find themselved being attacked by all manner of strange creatures. But why? They don't know, and after several such attacks set off to find out. But as the attacks grow more brutal, it is soon apparent that whatever these things are, they are adamant that the 'A Gang' die. And soon.
Intended for children aged 7-10.

Submitted: December 29, 2008

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Submitted: December 29, 2008




One day Alex and Daniel (Daniel a tall, muscular boy with short brown hair and glasses/Alex a just over medium sized fast boy with short blonde hair) were walking by the pond where the frogs usually dwelled and spotted something. “It’s another boring frog,” said Dan glumly. “No it’s not!” Shouted Alex coolly. Daniel soon believed him and watched the rippling water hopefully. “Something’s happening!” Exclaimed Alex. “Go and get Alex!” So Dan did that and ran off. When he came back the something had long since floated to the top. “It’s just a pencil!” said Alex glumly. “It isn’t anything cool.”

“Hey, look!” shouted Alex J (a small boy with short blonde hair, and glasses, of which we will now call Alex 2) “It’s moving!”

Both Alex and Daniel turned their heads quickly. “It is!” stammered Daniel while Alex said- “cool” very loudly. At this point the pencil (or whatever it was) started moving then splatted onto Alex 1’s head. “Ooch!” shouted Alex. “That hurt!”

“I..I..It’s magic!” Alex 2 stuttered. They all gathered round and to Dan’s surprise, was poked in the eye, rubbing out a glass lens. “Whoa!” he shouted and stepped backward.

“It’s our turn to act!” Shouted Alex 1. “Are we gonna let it poke us anymore?!”

“NO!” They all chorused. “So hit it back!” shouted Alex 1. “Great idea!” said Dan, this time quietly. “Then do it!”

So they all started snapping at the pencil, Alex 2 yapping at it like a crazed dog, but part of his hair was rubbed out, so he went off and sulked by the pond. “That’s it!” said Alex 1 while puffing a lot. “Give us the power!” said Dan rather stupidly. “Big Fat Bum!” shouted Alex 2 to the pencil, which was a stupid thing to say, as it kept whacking him now.  “Playing darts?” Alex 1 said coolly. The pencil started turning slowly to face Alex, and then zoomed in on him.

However, with lightning fast reactions, he grabbed the pencil, and snapped it in two, chucking it in the pond. Alex 2 walked in again. “And that’s the end of that chapter.”


One day Daniel and Alex 2 were sitting on a rock when they heard something- “Not another pencil?!” Alex 2 said stupidly. “It isn’t.” said Daniel. “Go and get Alex 1.”

“Okey Dokey Smakokey Rokey Doh-“

“Shut up!” said Daniel loudly. “Okey Dokey.” said Alex 2. 10 minutes later Alex 2 came back with Alex 1. “What took you so long?” Dan asked. “What do you think- a flying monster?” Alex said sarcastically. “No, because I haven’t got a brain!” As soon as Dan said that he fell over with a thud! - Thud! - Thud! - Thud! “That’s enough author!” Alex 1 said. “Aww… Spoilsport!” Shouted the author and ran away. “You can get up now,” said Alex 2. So Dan got up and looked around (which was a good thing to do as he saw something). “Hey, look at that!” Everyone turned around. “Oh, no!” Alex 1 shouted. “Not again!”

It was a sort of, well, robot they were looking at. “If you’re wondering what it is, it’s a robot.” Said Daniel. “Yeah, a stupid one.” Said Alex 1 in a cool way. As soon as he said that the thing raised its head and ran towards them! “Now you’ve done it!” Alex 2 muttered. “No I haven’t.” said the other Alex. “I have not put the cheese on!”

“Shut up!” Dan shouted. “We’ve got some kick ass juice to spray!” No sooner had he said that, than a metallic hand clanged into his skull. Shouting, Daniel clutched his head and fell over. “What are we gonna do?!” Alex 1 shouted. “Wait a second…” Alex 2 dodged a blow from the robot and fished out a spray can. “Eat kick ass juice!” Alex 2 shouted and sprayed the stuff all over the robot, which made a strange clinking noise, and exploded into a shower of dust. Alex 1 shouted something, and ran to Dan. “Are you okay?!”

“Yes, I think so, just a light headache, not much.”

“Alex, what was that stuff you sprayed?”

“Oh, this? It’s just deodorant, I read somewhere it’s how you kill mad killer robots… I think it was a book about the government.”

“Well, that wraps that up.” Alex 1 said. He thought he heard a strange croaking noise from somewhere, but dismissed it.

“Yes.” Alex 2 said, “I guess that’s the end of that chapter!”




Thursday was a very special day for Alex 1, because it was the day that he was born! When Alex 1 got to school only Daniel was there. “Where’s Alex?” Alex asked cautiously. “He hasn’t turned up, dunno what’s wrong.”

Dan replied. “That’s strange.”

“Very. I don’t think he’s ever not been here this year.”

POOF! POOF! “What the? What the jumbo’s that?!” Alex demanded. “I don’t know, but I think we might be about to find out.” Dan replied. Suddenly, in a deafening explosion, a long, thin stick fell out of some smoke, and, well, it looked like Alex 2 was wrestling with it! The stick was about two metres long. “It’s another pencil!” shouted Dan and backed away. “A giant pencil!” Alex exclaimed, and grabbed Dan. “We’ve got to help Al!”

“We could, but personally, wrestling a giant pencil wasn’t on my checklist!” Dan shouted, but followed Alex 1 all the same.

Alex 2 was suddenly thrown out of the fight into Alex 1, who was shoved backwards, landing in a tangled heap with him. Dan was glad of the opportunity to move away from the pencil, and ran to the two Alex’s aid, who were just getting up. “Are you all right?” Dan asked them, his back turned from the pencil. “What do you think?” Alex 1 replied. “Nothing, because I haven’t got a brain.”

“Dan, it’s in your head!”

“Oh yeah. Get up now, quick!”

“Okey Dokey Daniel!” Alex 2 said sarcastically. Dan was about to retaliate, when he was suddenly whacked in the ribs away sideways by the pencil. The two Alex’s looked at each other. “How did you and the pencil get here anyway?”

“Long story, involves a lot of physics, to sum it up, I arrived by portalular science.”

Alex 1 had begun to gape at nothing. “Anyway, let’s do this thing!” Alex 2 said, and they began brawling with the thing.

Dan, on the other hand, had landed near a small, brown crystally thing on a podium. Something inside him told him to touch it. Obeying himself, Dan did just that, and suddenly the pencil was gone just as it had appeared, Alex 1 and 2 blasted away from each other. Dan did a little whoop-de-do, and prodded himself, just for fun, before running to see if the awkward- position Alex’s were okay.

2 minutes later… “The brown crystal was a hydro nuclear adaptor ray!” Alex 2 said.

“I’ve remembered why there’s no-one at school today! It’s teacher training day!” Alex 1 also said. Dan sighed. “Say the thing.”

“Yes, I should, it is my birthday.” Alex 1 winked at seemingly nothing. “And that’s the end of that chapter!”


After the pencil incident Alex 2 had become a lot quieter about things (apart from ‘nuclear travelular physics’.) “What’s wrong with you, eh?” Alex 1 said to Alex 2. “What?” Alex 2 replied.

“Oh nothing, forget it.” Alex 1 said in a bored voice. They were all sitting around Dan’s living room, discussing their strange adventures, and how they all happened. Alex 2 was only contributing to the discussion by adding things like- “Yeah,” and “Uh-huh.”

Suddenly, something was shoved through the door.

“I’ll get it!” Dan shouted, eager to do something else, to an angry shout from above. “It’s probably just another piece of junk.” Alex 1 said, but could say no more as Dan came running in with a crumpled piece of paper, with what looked like a badly drawn picture of David Beckham scribbled on it. “Yep, it’s a load of trash.” Alex 2 muttered, but Dan turned the sheet over. “No it’s not, it’s got something written on the back of it!” Alex 1 snatched the paper off Dan. Everyone else crowded round. All they could see was- say your prayers - “Okay, that makes everything so much better now, doesn’t it? Some unreadable writing and a badly drawn picture of David Beckham!”

“Whoever wrote it sure did have weird writing.” Dan said to the other two, but when he looked up they were sound asleep. “I’ll say that again in the morning.” Dan said and snuggled up to his favourite pink teddy bear, Snuggles.

The next morning Alex 1 was nowhere to be found. “Who! What! Where!” Dan shouted, waking Alex 2 up. “Alex has gone!” he exclaimed. “We’ve got to find him!”

“I agree. COM-PLET-ELLLLLYYY.” Alex 2 said, staring at Dan with wide eyes. Turning away, Dan hurried out of the way.

After a quick brekky, and one or two handy excuses on why they were going outside without Alex, most of them involving gummy bears, Alex 2 and Dan were out searching.

30 seconds later… Just as they were about to give up, they heard a loud squeal and several evil mumblings coming from a run down warehouse they’d never noticed before. “That’d be where we’re going, then.” Dan said to Alex, who punched himself, sending himself hurtling off some metres away, but nevertheless followed Dan into the big warehouse. As they entered the dark and musty place, which smelt of something brown, suddenly, the lights switched on, revealing rows upon rows of stacked crates up to the ceiling, on which various ropes hung. “Who’s there?!” Alex 2 shouted, but what they saw next did not want to be shouted at…



PART 2 [4.5]


But what they saw next did not want to be shouted at. “Wh… What’s that?” asked Dan but Alex 2 was just as dumbfounded. A tall thing dressed in a clown costume was standing before them, with clown face paint on, except the face paint was painted in an evil style, with fangs, and its head was cocked to the side slightly. However, it was what it was holding that was of more interest to them. “Alex!” Dan and Alex 2 shouted in unison. Suddenly, some violent winds broke out from apparently nowhere. Alex didn’t reply, in fact, he remained lifeless, his face bowed out of sight. The clown thing, which the trio later decided to call a Google, prodded Alex 1, who immediately jerked his face up, revealing a horrible clown face.

Dan and Alex 2 gasped, but just held their positions. Alex 1 was chanting- “Jamesy Wamesy is a pair of Oogleberry pants with a sinister brown stain on them, lying in a cavern… A cavern full of lava… A cavern of DOOM!” He repeated this several times before leaping down from his master, who silently walked forwards, humming something strange. Alex 2 and Dan made a lunge for Alex 1, but he punched Dan in the face with all his might, sending Dan toppling over with a bloody nose. Alex 2, taken aback, hesitated from his rescuing, and the Google poked him in the eye, causing him to fall over, crying.

Just as Dan was recovering, the Google sprayed a strange liquid that looked like apple juice all over them. Alex 2 became happy again, and licked himself with content. “Oh, thank you Gods.” He said, but soon recoiled. It tastes familiar, but- YEUGH!- disgusting!” Alex 2 spat it out, Dan giving him an incredulous look. “Actually, it tastes a bit like w”- Alex was hit by Alex 1, but this time he hit back, angry at him. Within a split second Alex 2 had been grabbed and pinned to the floor by Alex. Alex 2 tried to kick but couldn’t, and the Google was closing in.

“Dan, climb the boxes! The ropes! Use the ropes! Ki-glerkldfc…” Alex 2 morphed into a Google as well. “No!” Dan shouted, but knew there was nothing he could do. Clutching his nose, he climbed up a few stacked boxes, Alex 2 chasing him up. As he got to the top, Dan realised how high he was. He also realised what Alex 2 wanted him to do. Gathering his courage, Dan leapt onto a rope, just as Alex 2 got to the top. But he had missed something. Alex 1 was swinging straight at him from another rope! There was only one thing he could do. Dan raised his legs, aiming straight at Alex. “I’m sorry!” he shouted. Closing his eyes, Dan prepared for impact. But none came. Dan’s feet swept through the air, doing nothing. Opening his eyes in surprise, he saw Alex 1 in the middle of the air, his feet aimed straight at Dan’s face. “See you in hell.” He growled and Dan felt his nose crack, as he plummeted through the air into something soft. Then it all went black.

He woke up to two concerned, but normal looking Alex’s. Sighing in relief, Dan suddenly felt a sharp burst of pain in his nose. “What happened?” he asked, wincing. Alex 1 piped up. “Dan, I’m so sorry… I think I broke your nose… That- thing- kidnapped me in the night, and turned me into one of him. It was a trap for you guys. And me. Well… then you came and when I kicked you you fell onto the thing, and it exploded in a shower of multicoloured paint. It was weird.”

“Really, I did it, I killed it?!” Dan asked, excited. “You did- you did, Dan.” Alex 2 said. Poking himself, just for fun, Dan laughed, despite his nose, as did the others.  “Did I tell you that thing sure had weird writing!” The two Alex’s looked at him- “Delayed speech there, we’ve defeated him, now!” They had defied death- again, and they were happy as any 7 year olds could be. “And that’s the end of that chapter, I suppose!” Alex 1 said. The others agreed. And they shared one of the last truly happy moments they would ever have together.


A Quite Unfortunate Event [5]


 Alex 1 and Dan the Man were walking down the street path one day when they heard a strange cackle. “Mee Hee Ha!” it went. “Eh?!” Exclaimed Alex. “What was that?” Dan asked. “Don’t ask me!” Suddenly, Alex Jones popped up beside them. “You gave me a terrible fright.” Dan said. “Where did you come from, anyway?”

“I have my ways.”

“Why don’t we go to the park together, you know, mess about on the swings and stuff?” Alex 1 suggested. The other two agreed and so off they went, down to Victoria Park, so named after a certain woman called Victoria.

When they got there, there was no-one there, and all they could hear was a swing, swinging on its hinges, making a loud, creaking sound. “You know, I don’t know whether this is such a good”- began Dan but saw the climbing frame and whooped with glee, running off towards them.

As Alex 1 swung on the monkey bars rather quickly, Dan and Alex 2 chasing him, they heard the strange cackling sound again. “Alex!” Dan shouted, but Alex 2 shrugged. “It wasn’t me, I’m telling you!” Alex 1 and Dan looked at each other with their eyebrows raised. “So, when you joined us when we were walking up the pathway…” Alex 1 said. Alex 2 showed a blank expression. “All I know is that a cackle emulates high pitched sound frequencies, which affect a part of the brain, making someone turn their head left.” Alex 1 and Dan turned their heads left, to see a strange looking overlarge frog sitting on a platform of the climbing frame. “Heavens!” shouted Alex 1. “I thought it was a creature with claws! Hide! I don’t know why we should hide from a frog but I’m telling you, I never thought we’d battle a flying pencil, either!” Alex 2 and Dan had to agree, and hid.

The frog glowed its eyes red, and examined the slide, where it had seen the three boys hiding, one of them muttering- “Raggle! Raggle!” to himself. Yes, this was definitely the gang he was about to put a stop to. His master had told him so. And his master was very good at telling. Very good. Very good indeed… The frog leapt down, bouncing towards its prime targets. “Oh no, it’s coming, fellas, and fast!” Dan whispered. “I know!” Alex 2 said. “And I don’t want it too!” Alex 2 ran off onto some plain tarmac with nothing to hide behind. “He won’t see me now.” He said to himself. With a shrug, Alex 1 and Dan followed. They had to get out of here. Now.

They were running for heaven knows how many seconds, Dan later claimed it was two, when they all felt something slimy on their backs, and were pulled back by some form of, well, FORCE!* “Pooums!” shouted Dan  as he was tugged back. They were slowly rotated in the air, and then dropped suddenly. “Ouch!” Alex 1 shouted. He shifted his bum to find he’d landed on an upright penny. “Wowser! What spiffing luck!” he said, smiling dumbly, and as he was examining the coin, he noticed a resemblance between the head of the queen on the coin and the frog. The frog was dressed as Yoda and looked quite like him. “Can’t we be in a movie?” Alex 2 asked. “I mean, this is really cool, if only someone was filming that…” The troubled trio had landed on the little kiddie’s area. Alex 2 did a little cheer and ran for the small slide, but was pulled back again.

“If you have not noticed, I am using the force! The

*If you don’t know what it’s suggesting, you’re an idiot!

force I tells ya! The Force!” The two Alex’s and Dan looked at each other, eyebrows raised. “Whatever.” Dan muttered, but the frog heard him. Suddenly, everything

erupted, and with a shout, everyone was fighting the frog, who was strangely strong. “What the?!” Dan shouted, and punched the frog. With a roar, the frog grabbed Dan by the throat, and threw him out of the fight. His head collided straight on with the kids slide, making a loud banging noise. His eyes began to droop, but he was just conscious.

“Dan!” Alex 1 shouted, but the frog leapt onto his face and began swiping at his eyes. “Aaagh!” he shouted and whacked it a few times. Alex 2 ripped it off, but Alex 1 was distracted in rubbing his face. Alex 2 tried to ward the frog off, by kicking its shin- “Cheesy and delicious!” he said but was kicked in the face. The frog levitated Alex 1 up in the air, and threw him back as well. There was a few seconds of flying, and then Alex 1, too, was down, his head resting against a larger slide opposite Dan.

All Dan and Alex could do was sit, and watch, hoping for the best.

It had turned into a ferocious fight, and Alex 2 was trying his best to defend himself from the frog’s devastating blows, but he knew it was no good, deep down. From Alex 1 and Dan’s positions, they could see that Alex 2 was not faring well. There were several slashes across his face, and his clothing had torn in numerous places, showing blood, oozing out. But he was still standing- he wasn’t down yet- that was something.

The fight lasted another few minutes, and then Alex 2 looked across at Alex 1 and Dan. “I can’t do this; I’m hurting, all over!” Alex 1 and Dan could just about move. They began crawling towards the fight.

Alex 2 was pulled down to the floor, and hit hard on the hard tarmac. Wincing, a single tear crept to his eye, so he was going to be killed by a talking Yoda frog? Well, at least he was going to die a hero’s death. It wasn’t over yet. No. He had a plan.

From where Alex and Dan were, they saw Alex 2 lift his arm from the floor, and hurl something hard at the frog. Alex 2 clambered up from the floor, and was just about to stamp on the frog. Before he could do it, the frog squealed in pain, and shouted something into the air. There was a loud bang, followed by smoke circling where the frog had been. The frog had died, surely! It was over! It was all over! Alex and Dan pulled themselves to the place where the battle had raged.

Alex 2 was on the floor, limp. Blood was pouring out of his chest. He had a confused expression on his face. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.” He said, and smiled meekly, one last time, before his eyes glazed over, and he was motionless. The bang- it wasn’t the frog dying, it was a gun going off.


Alex Jones had died, saving Alex 1 and Dan’s lives.

The End? [6]
Alex and Dan vowed to avenge the frog.
2 years later…

Alex and Dan were now in year 6, and had recently found some new friends. There was Sam, John and Josef. Alex and Dan had told them about their adventures, which of course, they didn’t believe, but left out the fact that Alex Jones was ever even with them. As far as John,  Josef and Sam were concerned, Alex 2 did not even exist. Connor (an annoying friend of Alex’s) won’t be in this much, as he is too annoying.


Well, the depleted troupe of Alex and Dan had searched across the globe for the frog, which they believed to still be alive (well, two metres but that’s still part of the globe) making the excuse to their friends that they were looking for special moles that could talk.

One day, Alex and Dan were bored, and had decided to ring up Josef (a blonde, long haired boy who likes frogs), John (a small boy, geeky and with straight brown hair) and Sam (a boy with short brown hair, who was crazy about Star Wars- he went to a different school, but was still a good friend). They asked them if they wanted to go round to a pond to look for dragonflies (not frogs, as they hated them now, much to Josef’s distaste) and they all agreed.

So they all got dropped off by the very pond where Alex and Dan’s adventures first began. Secretly, Alex and Dan had called their mates over here to search for the frog again, as Dan had struck an idea- they could have seen a frog those two years ago, and that frog could have been the one that killed Alex 2. They had brought the others for extra help in finding it. Alex had brought some gum- for what? He didn’t know.

Sam walked over to the pond’s edge. “I think there’s something there!” He exclaimed excitedly, clapping his hands. “Yes! Why, there is!” This was the seventh time Sam had said this, and Alex and Dan weren’t falling for it again. However, they did look up when they heard a strange glurking sound. Sam was being tugged beneath the ground! “Help!” he shouted. “What is thi-glurk!” Sam was completely tugged under. Alex, John and Josef immediately ran to the hole that had appeared. Dan, however, stayed rooted to the spot. “It’s the frog! It has to be… Oh-my-god!” John rolled his eyes. “Man! Not that again, Dan! I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation!” Dan shook his head. “You don’t understand, you’ve not seen… it!” Josef couldn’t stand anymore bad talk of frogs, and so did a little duck dance before daringly diving into the hole after Sam.

“Come on, Dan!” Alex shouted. “This is what we’ve been waiting for, all this time! You’ve got to come!”

“What? You’ve been waiting for Sam to be tugged down a hole?!” John said, confused. “That’s just not sensible”- Alex shoved him down the hole. “Dan, come on! Or I’ll go without you!” Dan shivered. Alex jumped down the hole into darkness, hearing Dan shout- “Now who’s the one without a brain, eh?!”

Alex landed on top of the pile of boys. “Ooh- I’ve got a soft landing!” he said happily, and leapt off brushing himself. “That’s because you landed on me, crazy fool!” Sam said, angry. He was at the bottom, and had landed on cold hard ground. Everyone else leapt off him. Sam had a headache. They were in some sort of cave, with strange purple lighting effects, but not very much.

Meanwhile, Dan was just thinking about whether to leap in after the others or not, when something buzzed nearby. Turning round, Dan saw a large, silver- no, surely not- robot! Dan stepped backwards. “No… No! Alex killed you! Alex killed you!” he shouted, and stumbled back a few more steps. Picking up a rock, Dan hurled it at the robot, which immediately fell backwards. Oh, yes, Dan remembered now, it was the cardboard cut-out he had strategically placed there last week! The buzzing was just a bee! Dan performed a little chuckle, and then turned back round, falling headfirst straight into the hole, which had started to grow smaller!

Josef turned around to see Dan dangling from the ceiling, with an oversized pimple on his nose. “Author! He does not have a pimple on his nose!” exclaimed John. Sorry! We’ll get on with the story now. Anyway, Dan was dangling from his legs in the ceiling, while the others watched him, John occasionally poking him, just for fun. Little did they know that the frog’s bodyguards were fast approaching. Turning round, Alex saw two warrior bunny rabbits marching towards him. “This is my time to shine!” John shouted, and charged towards one of them, knocking the sword out of its hand and punching it in the face several times. Eventually, John stopped, hurled the bunny to the floor and turned on the next bunny.

“He is good.” Josef said, and then heard a- “Aaagh! Damn you evil rabbit! Damneth youeth, as Shakespeare would say!” John was on the floor, next to the mangled rabbit, which plunged its claws into his hand. John screamed, and started attacking the rabbit in a mad frenzy. Soon, both were still.

Alex picked up the fallen rabbit’s sword, and started duelling with the remaining one. “Take this, and that, and- ow!” Alex had been slashed across the face, and the sword knocked of his hand. Gasping, he ran over to Dan, and Sam leapt onto the rabbit, biting his teeth into its arm and yanking, but he was soon thrown off. “Damn it!” shouted Josef, avoiding the rabbit’s attacks and running to John’s aid. Alex was cornered. There was nothing else to do, except… “Dan, I’m so sorry!” He shouted, and grabbed Dan, swinging him hard into the rabbit. Both head’s collided, making a sort of fluffy sound. Dan grimaced. “Thanks a lot!” Alex patted Dan. It’s all thanks to you being late down here. Dan shrugged, and patted himself too. “It was nothing!”

Suddenly, Josef started shouting something. “It’s a tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-tro-ttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooo”------------ Alex, Dan, and even John rolled their eyes. “A troll!” Alex immediately looked up. A massive, cartoon Harry Potter troll was stomping towards them. Everyone’s jaws dropped. Dan looked at Alex. “Oh no! No you don’t!” Dan muttered something, and a farting noise was heard, before he dropped from the ceiling, to the ground. “Ha!” he shouted, but saw the troll, getting closer every second. “Damn me!” he shouted. “Now how are we gonna do it?” Josef jumped up. “Easy!” Just poke him in the right spot, and voila!” Josef leapt onto the thing, crawled into its mouth, and came back out again. The beast collapsed, followed by lots of cheers. John’s cheer was a strangely cute dinosaur noise. Sam looked away sickly. “I’ll stay behind and keep a lookout for John.” Josef said. “You go on.” And so Alex, Dan and Sam walked three steps forward, plummeted through another hole, landed, and carried on walking.

As the three friends walked, they came across a sign- enter with haste, bunni lovas!- They gingerly entered, to a familiar cackling sound coming from ahead. Alex and Dan suddenly had multiple flashbacks of that day, so many years ago, the day that Alex died. They would kill this frog, no matter what stepped in their way. A ladybird crossed the path of Dan. “No! I can’t go on, please don’t make me!” he screamed. “Come on!” Sam said, and so, with an Okey Smakorokey, Dan literally flew over the ladybird.

They had entered a small cave, with bubbling lava at the back. The frog stepped out from the darkness. He wore an- I LOVE YODA- badge, and in fact, he looked quite like Yoda now. His skin was old and peeling and his eyes were bulging. “So, we meet again, my pretty little idiots, and we have a new one- I wasn’t expecting you here!” Sam looked taken aback. “So what you said… It was true.”

“Hadn’t you guessed that by now?” Alex said. Sam shrugged. “Guess not.” It was Dan’s turn to speak. “So what did you do all those years after you murdered him?! What did you do?!” Sam was looking even more confused. “What!” It was the frog. “Who says I killed him. I didn’t have a gun!” Alex and Dan shared confused expressions. “But it must have been you!”

“I don’t think so, my pretties. But enough with the chat. Due to modern CGI effects, I have created a monster!” Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gigantic poo with legs splodged towards them, humming a poo- like tune. Everyone gasped. Sam tried to punch it, but his hand just went straight through. “Wait a second…” Alex said. “Going by what the frog said, and the fact that your hand went through it, I’d say it was a… ghost poo! We haven’t got a chance!” Alex popped the bubble gum into his mouth. “I want to die chewing something nice!”

In desperation, Dan pulled his glasses off, and hurled them at the thing, but they went straight through, instead hitting the OFF switch. The poo suddenly disappeared, replaced by an ant dressed as Yoda. Alex and Sam gasped. “It’s disappeared!” Dan gasped- “Everything’s disappeared!... Apart from that cheese crunchie over there!” Sam stuck his tongue out. “I love cheese crunchies!” Sam ran over, but there was none. “Damn you! Damn you!” In anger, Sam kicked the frog, who bounced backwards, landing near the lava below. Dan walked off randomly, muttering- “Glassy wassy, glassy, I love my lovely glassies!” Alex picked up a stone, and threw it at the frog, who caught it, and forced it back, hitting Sam plain in the peanuts. “Awww!” Sam moaned, and collapsed. “Penis hit, penis hit!”

Alex looked around for Dan. He was stumbling around towards the frog. “Listen!” Alex shouted to the frog. “Please! You can’t just kill us in cold blood! What did we ever do to you! In fact, what did we ever do to any of you?!” The frog stopped for a moment. “Hmm… Well, I suppose it wouldn’t matter me telling you now, after all. This may sound stupid, but you are part of a conspiracy. It is told that there will be seven guardians. Guardians of the world. When disaster strikes, the guardians will be forced into a battle, which they will win. I, and my ‘little friends’ were sent to kill you, before you fulfilled your destiny. If one of you is not present at the battle, we win. Goodbye.”

“What?! That’s it! That’s it!”

“Yes, it is for you, I’m sorry.” And with that, the frog used his ‘force’ powers on Alex, raising him up into the air. For some reason, almost without thinking, Alex spat his gum out, and pasted it across his hands. He was thrown to and fro, before being thrown towards the lava pit. Outstretching his arms, he just managed to catch the edge of the pit, his feet metres from the surface of the lava. “Two Alex’s dead, two years! Good work, I’d say!” The frog spat on Alex, and was just about to stamp on his hands, when Dan stumbled into the scene. “Dan!” Alex shouted desperately. Dan spun around, knocking the frog into the air. “No! No! You fools! You will only suffer later, for Ch”- The frog, with a strange hissing sound, plunged headfirst into the boiling stuff. The lava started spitting up bits of lava. Alex hauled himself up.

“Thanks Dan, I thought I was a goner then!” Alex handed Dan his glasses. “Phew! I can see again!” he said. Sam walked in. “Man, he hit me bad, but I’m okay now… It’s okay...” To Dan he still looked in great agony. “We’ll tell you about everything when we get home.” Alex said to Sam.

And so ended the gang’s adventures for at least another two, peaceful years.


“And guess what I get to say now, Al?” Dan said. “What?”

“And that’s the end of that chapter!”




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