a day in paradise

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many years after an apocalypse a young tribes men from "the ones who have survived" is conflicted with questions about what happened to make them like this
this is the first chapter i know it is under short stories but i am adding more

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



i open my eyes and i am confounded by nature, the landscape, and all of its beauty. there are birds chirping off in the distance, and there are the sounds of the rushing water and it is paradise. Especially since it is after the wall of fire that restarted our world. i was not born yet when the fire consumed the earth but what i have been told is it has been burning since the world has been turnning. but on this day the day of fire and screams what the elders have told us is that we are in paradise. they hold from us the truth of why we are in paradise because they do not answer to our questions of how do they know that this is paradise. i am the one who always asks the questions because no one else wants to. i am guessing that they withhold  that information to keep us under there control. they tell us to enjoy paradise right now and make sure there family enjoys it for a milennia because they will never understand those times.


i get up from the place i was laying, and i look around there is no one around.  i walk into the village and i hear a speech from one of the elders.


" we are in paradise i know this because of my viewing of how it was before." he says " after the wall of fire, after i was hiding in my hole with my parents outside, after i saw them die, i came out and it was a barren wasteland."

"describe to us what you heard, i want to know what happens i want to know what happened." i say

everyone goes quiet.


"i cannot for it is not a thing i wish to tell you of." he says

" why not"

" it is something that you cannot hear you are the most intelligent"


"what does that mean"

"for those who are most intellegent in this world should not have the keys to ideas of innovation whether it be in peace time or war time. for they are the ones who do not possess the skills necessary to keep an idea secret."


and everyone just staired back at me. they all coalesced there heads like zombies.


" knowledge is the key to growth, when you know information, you can change certain events about what has happened to be able to change the past to make a better future."


" no that is not why we are doing it it is so it never happenes again we are withholding the information so it never happens again." the elder says


i just turn around and walk out of the crowd. My suspicions have been made true they are withholding information from us.  i  need to go out there and see for myself to asses the damge of what actually happened.

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