stay wide awake

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
a zombie outbreak has happened and its up to dr. Gradowitz and Kyle to survive but along the way carnage insues when Dr. Gradowitz finds out Kyle killed the one they love

Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013



“What’s De matta Kyle did daddy never love you.” I say with as I’m blasting these zombies with my A.K. 47 watching as their flesh gets torn limb from limb with my bullets.

“Come on Dr. Gradowitz stop talking about my dad you jackass, we need to fend them off.” he says while the zombies are breaking through on the other side.

“Oh like I did with carol when she tried getting back with you.” I say

“Good Let the butt hurt flow through him.” The voices say with a sign of appeasement. The voices always sound so crooked and so damn southing at the same time it catches me off guard whenever they talk. Its really weird you know, that feeling you get after your mind slows down that’s how it is whenever the voices talk.
“Hey stop saying things about her and shoot, if you don’t shut up about her I will gladly shoot you.” He says

There’s so much tension between us because of what has happened over these past three months his ex-girlfriend Carol, broke up with him and dated me. He has always resented me because carol and I fell in love while we were dating for that first month. She never went back to Kyle because well we were in love.

Things have been getting better though because well it has to in order for us to survive. We tell jokes at each other we make fun of each other and well he knows about the voices and he knows my judgment gets irrational at times because of them so he’s always tried to keep me straight.

“Ratatatatatatata… hahahaha!” I say laughing like a maniacal mad man blasting these zombies

“That’s the sound my gun makes when you die!” I say with a smirk and another maniacal laugh at the end

The zombies are coming down 2 separate flights of steps that curve down into a middle hallway. Where Kyle and I have been holding them off with my A.K. 47 and his antique Kabar .We have created a cross fire to stop them from coming through our barrier that we made from tables and chairs and sofa it’s a flimsy structure but it will have to do for now the good thing about this mansion is that it is largely underground. The only problem is, is those flights of steps are our only exits into the outside world.

The voices are getting worse every month since this apocalypse happened. I keep hearing them taunting me about carol and making me feel bad that I couldn’t find carol after the virus spread we got separated after the big gather up.

I’m sitting here after a night of battle tired like no other then Kyle came up to me and asked “Are you doing okay?”

“Yesh, I am!” I say pissed off

“O.K.  I am sorry sheesh” he said

He walks away cursing his head off.

“The voices!” I mumble to my self. They are saying her name over and over again.

“CAROL…….” The voices whisper into my ear



“CAROL….” They whisper into my ear


“Carol …. Hahaha! ” they whisper softly into my ear

They keep whispering and while they are whispering my eyes start to get heavy. They close a little bit then I shake my head to try and stay awake. They close a little bit more than before, I shake my head to try and stay awake. I keep thinking to myself.

Stay wide awake you need to stay awake.”

And my eyes close all the way… I wake up and I look to where that hall way is. In the middle of the hallway, where those stairs curve down into a center point, carol is standing there with all of her beauty wrapped up in a white dress. I get up with such excitement and I rush over there with a feeling of confusion of why she is hear, but I am really excited that she is here so Kyle and I can be friends again. Because he has helped me out a lot over these past couple of months.

As I’m running over there she points behind me and I see fear in her eyes. I turn around to look in this black abyss and a flash goes out, only one shot from a gun. I look into the flash and I see big red eyes with sharpened teeth it looks … it looks exactly like me. I turn back to look at carol and she’s down on the floor in a pull of blood. Looking at me then from her mouth I hear “get up doc we have to go”

I wake up disoriented and I see kyle is over me with my A.K. holding it out to me.

“Time to go,” he says “it’s almost time to start the next wave”

“Of course it iz!” I say

We wait for the sound of anthropic cannibalism. The sounds the zombies make that sounds like a cow. 

One zombie comes in, Kyle aims, and one shot goes out.

“Aha aha aha … his head exploded” I say excitedly

We waited for about an hour, no more zombies came through; what we normally do by the end of the night is, is we get all the bodies and we throw them outside for the vulchers and the crows to feast on.

“Well I guess there’s only one tonight doc.”

“Of course there’s only one tonight. And it was shot with the best gun evah”

“Well thank you doc that’s really nice… wait a minuet shit, doc I’m sorry but I think carol became a zombie”

And my whole world turns dark all I can hear are screams, screams of the damned god I hope I do not kill Kyle. He has been a tremendous friend to me and I hope I didn’t do something stupid.


After a while I wake up from the black abyss to find that Kyle is lying on the floor. I get up and go to check his pulse. He’s dead. I get up I grab my A.K. from off the floor and I head up stairs out of the mansion. I fire some shots in the air and watch as countless hordes of zombies come near me. I kill as many as I can

“Come on you bastards!” and come they did


From every corner they came and now I say to my self “this is for you kyle” and I let them eat me.

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