poem i wrote a while ago.
grammar and spellings not that good but oh well.
^.^ thanks

this poems also on my old account

We are so close to the truth
yet so far and so oblivious 
though we can almost reach
out and grasp the hand of god
we are schism from the light
our bodies and spirituality
do not juxtapose
let o' sweet religion fall 
as we advanced and grow
from the lack of this god
king of war and pain
giving birth only to have his child suffer
whom had given unto his power
into the dawn, the skyline brightens
and the lights in the sky begin to fade
so goes our wonder
detached from our physical bodies
to fail another day with our un answered questions
to mock the true creators who have
no control over our destiny, actions, or preservation
born in their image
cannot comprehend knowing there is more to this life
yet accept you'll never know
make it simple
give into the cruel higher power

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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