My mother told me, the only reason she went insane, is because the aliens got into her head.

She hangs a painting on my wall
the one dad painted years ago
the painting that was hung in the hall
where great grandmother layed
there so,
written in the tears of no future 
written in a girls diary
so confused unable to salute her
she held no utter vanity
she crept the knife to her hand
tainted by the devils touch
and her body fell apart into sand
the girl didn't understand much
split apart by sweet insanity
violence stabbed her in the back
only to see what they came to be
and how they came to act
feelings of insecurity
lights that rose above
her innocent soiled purity
and the wrongful theory of love
the grays didn't make her go
through the window they stare
the lights immense low
but if i was taken 
she wouldn't care

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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