Love Is In Our Heads

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this is just kind of like practice, really. it didnt take long to write this, obviously by the grammar and spelling.
its actually about how love effects our brains, and where we go to find the answers of where it truly comes from.

how still the bleakness is
in the summer morning sky
like ripples in the ocean
cold to the touch, and until we die
our deepest descent is birth, is life
and its hard to find someone
who will stay by your side
Creeping darkness, the walls close in
insanity takes control 
and the voices begin 
all glands in your brain that tell you why
and the emotions in stock
that cause us to cry
is someone so important to lose sleep?
the question is as relevant
as in why we weep 
a question that is told for centurys and years
in this dying stillness
of life that brings us these tears
this pain we feel is as addictive as cocaine
our brains cannot comprehend
and yet we all are not sane
Our helplessness to this masked disease
that plagued everyone
and brang us to our knees
not just the human species but all intellectual organism
we try to find faith
and look for a god for this symbolism
on why our brain functions so confusingly 
so we seek to find answers
in some mystically place by the sea
where our bodies had formed and sought for land
this hurt makes our fingers numb
thus our souls turn into this sand
Sand that lays under this seep 
we dont think twice on where we walk
or where in the darkness we leap
And yet the only thing that keeps us going now
is the thought of faith and hope
and the reason we will make it somehow
but though we know this must not be true
causes us to break and shatter
yet there is no human glue
to keep us together 
oh, how we knew

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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