-his name is Trevor-

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Trevor:). How could I go wrong with you?

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



His name is Trevor. With a voice of an angel with a realheart and a soul.

I've never felt this way....

Tell me how can someone be like this?

This unhumanly perfect?

With your curly brown hair. And patience that last a life time.

You care like no other. Cuz your like no other.

When your arms wrap around mine.

I can see the sparks fly.

Well now I want you.

Theirs a story to be told, about a boy and a girl and how they fell in love.

A magical true story.

We had bumps and rocks. We had eachother til the end.

Trevor was the most amazing being that I've met in a long time....

His those deep blue eyes and the soul you can see that shines for mile.

Theirs a boy that I know and his name is Trevor.

He once fell in love with me.

But baby I want you know. It's a story of how two friends can be so much more...

Cuz he wants me!

And i know that most people think

romeo and juliet is the most romatic story of all time.

But theyve never heard ours.

How you proposed in paris.

And how we got married on the beach.

Our three beuatiful children.

How we died in eathothers arms.......

in a warm soft bed.

I once love a man name trevor.

I will, and have always loved him.


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