when is it over?

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You keep pulling me in.

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



You told me you would never hurt me.

At the first chance you got you left.


Why were you even with me?

Why would you make me believe you loved me?

Why would you try so hard if you just ended up leaving anyways?

Why didn't you get a easy girl and left me alone?

Do you remeber me crying to you saying everyone that i've ever trusted

has left me?

And you just held me and told me you were different.

Whats different about you?

You played me like every other boy i know

the only difference is that i belived you.

I met your family i was friends with your friends we did everything together.

Was it just one day you realized you loved her and not me?

This girl you havn't talked to in years.

That she treated you so much better then i did.

She left you for your bestfriend,

and me i would have done anything for you.

Who are you gonna come crying to when she breaks your heart again?


Who's gonna feel bad.


Because i still love you.

I dont want to see you hurt.

I dont want to see you unhappy.

I want to see you.

It's so sad.

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