This Is War!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

"She smiled as she released the spork’s head and turned to me to say, “Yep, too late.” Sometimes, like times like these, I wonder if she really has got some hidden psychic mojo, but I was too distracted by the sight of the big glob of mushy meatloaf colliding with Mr. Popular’s head. The head of Hottie McGorgeous. And he was mad."

Brighid Winters is like every other goody-two-shoes in every other high school. Luis Mitchells is like every other hot and rich athlete. So, when Brighid is wrongly accused of having thrown food at Luis' head, school life sucks with bullies waiting left and right. But then something unexpected and completely disturbing(at least to Brighid) happens. Seems that Mr. Popular is warming up to Brighid and her funny and innocent nature. And it seems Brighid is denying something she doesn't know. A flush to the cheeks, tingles down her spine, rapid beating of the heart, feeling overly self-conscious when he's near. Is this love? It couldn't be! I mean, she hates him. Or so she thought.

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  "So, I heard something happened," Landon said tauntingly. "Care to elaborate?" Luis immediately shoved his cards down and ... Read Chapter

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  I'm left gasping on the edge of the road, hair a mess and eyes wide. My heart was still beating wildly. That must have bee... Read Chapter