Lost in desperation

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Submitted: March 30, 2015

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Submitted: March 30, 2015



This feeling, like a gapping void in my soul. The only way i can come to terms with it is the sadness. The only way i can feel something. Jobless, lost, confussed, prctically friendless, no one to talk to but my own mind about all these things i want to say. As much as i wish i could tell people what im thinking, it would break their hearts. Shatter them like my dreams and hopes. Every day is a struggle too be strong, to thrive, survive, exist?

Each night seems to be growing longer, each day relentless. Its as if i have no more purpose in life. Causing debt to myself, my family trying to pull that weight while I have nothing to repay. I make myself sick. Its almost like the world has moved on and forgotten im here, screaming out for anyone to see through the smiles, the vacant expressions, but for now i shall hide the sounds of my sorrows. I shall hide the streams of tears that shed while everyone is busy. The dreadful thoughts that creep through my mind that i dont dare speak.

How many times have i thought to of seen the light at the end of the tunnel, for it only to be a street lamp calling me into my fear of the night. the shadows creeping closer and closer. like angry dogs nipping at me as a run through an feild of emptyness. Creeks and groans of the person i once was trying to escape their grasp. How long can it go on? how long before I collapse at the knees? Till the shadows finally catch me again, and i go even deeper into the dark spirals.

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