the war

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the main character's brother ends up killing his dad...

Submitted: March 03, 2016

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Submitted: March 03, 2016



The War


Oh, Jason used to best brother imaginable. I loved him, he loved me. Our 10 year – old lives were the best. We were the stepsons of the king of Greece, and sons of the Greek God Zeus, another king.

But now, it is not like that. He went ahead and killed our stepfather two years ago, and ran away to create and army for the final battle, the one that would end up being the death of one of us. He left me to be the king at 15 years old.

I dreaded the day for the final battle. I cannot imagine what Jason did to the people of his army to kill King Percy, as they called me. And to think, that the battle would start tomorrow.

DING DONG – the war bells rang. All of the soldiers put on their armor and took their preferred weapons. My weapons were a trident and a sword. I threw the trident, and fought with the sword, kind of like my great grandfather on my mom’s side, Achilles. I inherited my trident skills from dad.

We entered the battle field. My greatest general and best friend, Max stood beside me. “Stay here when the battle starts and go to the places that need help,” I told him.

“Charge,” I heard my brother’s voice. I loved him before and I love him now. Even though he might end up killing me, like he killed our stepdad.

My army charged forward. I saw Max go help the Alpha squad, and to my surprise, my only 5 – star general was taken down by a golden spear. It was my brother’s spear, that he crafted in the armory himself when we were kids, when he liked me.

I saw my brother retrieve his spear. He was strong and muscular, so he must have been working out. I sent my giant eagles, Tim and Jason, to retrieve him. Don’t be mad at me for naming hi ‘Jason’ he is my only way to remember the original.

They brought him back to me and we all went into the palace. My eagles left the room. “Brother,” I said.

“Do not call me that word,” he spat at me.

“Do not be mad at the truth,” I replied.

“Our weak stepdad taught you that didn’t he?”

That is it. I charged at my brother with the trident, but he used his sword and disarmed me. He was always the best at combat.

I used my sword, we exchanged a bunch of attacks and parries, but one attack filled our prophecy. When I killed him, like the prophecy told ten years ago said. I saw it in happening, the blade sears through his skin, and the battle is over.

I went outside and see my army watching me! It seems that they killed all of the other soldiers! Tomorrow, we will have a proper burial for everyone who died.

The burial went quickly. I went to the stone carver and set out my brother’s carcass in front of him. Now, whenever I wake up, I will see my brother. My totally awesome brother.



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the war

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