A Cyborg Among Us

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Distant future, when Human Cyborg defines the distortion of the 4th dimension, using the highest capacity of the subconscious. When he finally figures out it was nothing but two edges, and he is
still human but a cyborg.

Script No: 1
The Transcendence




Transcendence Among the Ocean

    Shrrrr..rrr rrrrr.. shrrrrrrrrr..
    This..this..buzzzzzzzzzz..Dr.Ruen ......
    Intel PX-1902367...buzzzzz .... Base 4X39O...Year 2026
    Experiment achieved..buzzz ..Result accuracy achieved 100%
    Trial SAC-O2 ..intel leaked .... DEMICO corps have intruded
and broken the lab chamber.
    Launch Key have been triggered, SAC O2 has been released
    DEMICO have intruded inside, No other way to escape...
buzzzzzzzzzzz........................Ki....ruba.....kiruba ....you must protect him
    Self Destruction has been activated, if you are hearing
this, it means I’m dead. He will achieve the distortion
dimension and would prove the result. This world will be his
next answer, find it.....buzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    “He is here”....!
    May this be the end of realm!!


    arghhhhhhhhhh..........Shittttt...Why did you kill him..
    He was the only one left.....fuck!!
    He has destructed everything...ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH
    I’m sorry, you were good soldier
    “Takes his flip drive and clicks it”
    Fuck hell, what would I do, where is that rat??
    “Don’t know lord, when we entered it was not here”
    Fuck you all bastards!!!!
    Find him, ALIVE and that brat.


    ————  Skies became more dark, rustling clouds falling
around like oceans in the city, wakes up through the rumble of
streets and cars and the people’s voices. Comes outside from
the gateway, of underwater sewage. He opens his wide eyes, and
looks the dim blast of distorted colours and bulging traffic
lights and people’s walking around. Walks further, to explore
the new world, feels nothing but the white pant and long
sleeve he was wearing, stammered on how to walk, gets to know
balance and rumbles over the road. Walks along the streets of
engine reeving at Bengaluru. Doesn’t know where he has landed
and stepped his foot, sees new people’s faces and tries to
look at himself. As he steps foot into the streets, people’s
see him weird and moves away as he walks towards them. At a
parch of 10 mins, the city police walks in and gets him to the
public station. He doesn’t know what to do, gets on their
hands and feels nothing but the warm touch. Broken and sensed,
the police introspects him at their cabin. Doesn’t know what


to say and react, he just looks at them, without peeping his
    “Sir, someone has arrived at the station mentioning this
weirdo is his son, lost and had found, he cannot speak his is
    “Let me meet that guy”
    Hello sir, This is Kirubakaran....really thank you so much
for finding my son, really I was feeling so missed. He is
still a kid, and doesn’t know anything.
    “Oh, god sorry we didn’t know that..sorry for the delay.
You can get him and take him home.”
    Good Lord, thank you so much! May the Jesus bless you and
your family.
    Hey, my dear son.... Im very sorry, I missed you. Don’t be
angry at me, Im really sorry. I went to meet some older
friends, and while I came back, I missed. Come Lets go!!
    Ok..I must first, install all his databases. Hey..can you
hear me!!! I got you, you are safe. Im gonna protect you, I
tried my best to save him. 
    Ok, lets work on, I will first install all the databases ,
so that your brain configures the according simulation of
intel we’ve created. But, we never expected, you would be
finally achieving the result. Your accuracy rate has hinted
the pit, you can save us all and change the alternative.


    Come on... Please!!!! I cannot let his fail...come on!!!
    My son...we got you back...
    “What is this place?”
    “Where am I”
    You are in India, Our first base log, where we found you.
    “Why is my head spinning very fast, I cant balance myself”
    It is happening, please lay down.
    “Something inside me, tells to ask you what happened. What
is this. Am I human?”
    Its time to explain you everything, I must protect you
until you distort it. Time is too less, we cant proceed.
    Hey my child, Yot you are back. Time to go to school.
    “Yes Papa”
    Listen Yot, you may not know anything about your school
days and the memories, you were in an accident. So, don’t care


about anyone and anything. Whatever happens, stay quiet and
follow the rules and discover the world as fast as you can.

“What am I”

    You are my son, Yot. You are still, a memory losses
maniac. Control yourself, you may feel like, new at
everything. Its true, control it. I will here, always and
discover and analyse what and all are happening towards and
after you everywhere. If anyone says, if you don’t understand,
listen and listen. The world is what you need, stay open and
quiet at any cost.


boys just warn him and walks out of him. Still surprised and
don’t know what to do, he sits alone and watches the class,
and surpasses their bully, they pull his hair, his dress and
laughs at him, he don’t understand why they all do this.
    “Hello, why you people doing..what doing me”
    Take 1 Day, 17 SAC O2 has been showing rapid development
and the signal has been nowadays being rumbled. SAC O2 is
extremely shows variations in logarithms, it has started
creating new logarithms in emotional consequences and reaction
reflexes. Minimum estimated time, for distortion has been
reduced by 3.6 years. DADA you would proud to make this
happen. Also, DEMICO has not yet traced our location, their
radar has been changed to other country. I hope they do not
find out till he completes the distortion.


    “I know”
    What do you know, my child?
    “I know”!
was not able to express the variable and nothing, just said I
know, listening to the laugh and tease from others.>
    “Limit negative infinity”


“time waste”

    Days passed various, offers and lectures and students
behaviour, Kirubakaran, estimated his performance and made
daily takes of himself, and was highly noxious about his
incredible development striking the hit he mentioned, continue
and see more. By one day, when Yot sits between two girls,
where one cries hard, and other laughs, he proportionates the
human nature and the sense of psychological aspects thriving
in their life, and starting to figure this out, he calculates


the percentage of electoral fluid passing through them, when
he was able to feel them, and what they were thinking. At this
highest, after this, Yot was emerging restless, he could not
overload the combinations thriving inside him, when he was
finally able to crack the neural impulse, reflecting to his
catalyst. Seeing this, Kirubakaran, finally saw the distortion
signal started to show impulse. Amazed and at his full par,
what is happening and success rate. The distortion signal
started to communicate the neural database of Yot.
    Yot started to figure out, what is the ultimate edges
carrying these people’s around me, what is the edge they are
balancing at feels the students mind, and their flow of
imagination, thinning, migration of ideas..reflex and being
not to control all these, he trembles, his hands and legs
starts to tremble and sees distortion of his past.>


at the other side door, waiting and sobbing. He could not
tolerate the stress, and shouts harder, but he could not feel
it, he finally understands that distortion is caused, by the
highest memory impulse, and Subconscious usage. He is able to
disrupt the impulse and feel the minds of people.>
    When he opens his eyes, he sees himself sitting in the
middle of a table, students siting around him, he recognises
their faces, and starts to see, why aren’t they moving, why do
I feel so lightweight ,Is time stopped. He stabbers, from the
paused world, and finds out, he is being using the highest
capacity, and understands the power has created a time-loop,
reverting the dimensional portal. Soon he comes to understand,
he has been went through the time loop, the alternate reality
is what he is experiencing, and could not find the
combinations of which loop has he ascertained, what happened
to me, who was I, why is this place so familiar, the time
started to loop, since the energy surge had created the
alternate reality, into various imputing dimensions, over
various time loops, into his subconscious mind which has
stopped the time distortion portal. But he could not
understand how he came, and suddenly feels, he has raised to
the past of his memories, and this year is what, he was
changed. Until he could figure it out, he experienced the
portal chamber, closing, and he came out somewhere, at his
same college gate, where he first entered.
    To be Continued..................


Submitted: June 16, 2018

© Copyright 2020 theDemiurge. All rights reserved.

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