Love is a Game

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Submitted: October 29, 2018

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Submitted: October 29, 2018



Love Is A Game

Just as the title says 

love is a game yet  we're not the ones in control 

Cupid so high and mighty sitting in his throne holding his bow

Looking down on us as we fumble about 

Hearts in ours eyes and minds 

Waiting to confess our feeling but in the End 

We get beaten by someone else with a few extra dollars or a car in his pocket

And im not trying to say cupid lead me astray but  was so focus on other things that i didn't see that the one he had for me was standing next to me for the longest

Looking back on times when i was young it makes me wanna cry because of all the promisees i made about love i wanna forget them all 

But i can't and I'm glad cause they give me something to to remember so i can't forget who i am 

Love is a Game that plays with your emotions yet we are not in control 

We are just pixels on a screen for cupid to watch over and toy with 

I'm just a kid who doesn't believe in love and you may not feel the same way i do but

In the End

Love Is A Game

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