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A man wakes up with no memory of his past. All he knows is that he needs to find food.

Submitted: April 24, 2014

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Submitted: April 24, 2014



Light. I open my eyes and I am overwhelmed by the amount of light that the sun shines my shelter. The first thing that I notice is the smell of smoke that clings to the air. I look around and spot a fire pit two feet to my left. As my eyes continue to wander throughout the area I see three indents in the ground. I use my right hand to help push my body off of the ground and I walk toward the indents to take a closer look. Around them are scraps of food and clothes.
So many questions came into my mind, all of them racing to know their answers. Who was I, Where was I and was I with people? A wetness on my arm catches my attention and I examine it. When I see the blood I faint.
When I awaken, I build up the courage to look and examine the wound. I scrape the dried blood that covers the wound and bring it close to my eyes. The wound looks like teeth marks though I don’t remember ever being bitten by an animal in this part of the woods. I trace my fingers around the wound and wince at the burning pains it brings.
As I inspect the wound I begin to feel a rumbling the deepest pits of my stomach. Hunger. I stand up the sniff the air. I catch the scent of something wonderful. I look in the direction of the scent and walk into the forest.


As I continue along my unseen path the smell begins to get more and more intense. As I walk along the forest my feet begin to have a slight difficulty lifting up for a step. I look down and see a dark red liquid on the gravel and dirt path. I kneel down onto the gravel and slide my finger into the liquid. I put my finger up to my nose and inhale. My brain explodes with wonderful sensations. This is what I had been following. The scent is deep and strong as if its source was close. 
I quickly stand and begin to run against the trail of red, never stopping. Along the way I run onto a stick impailing my foot but I continue to run. I jump over logs and debris as I continue along, my mind only powered by impulses. As I run I gain in momentum and speed the forest a blur of colors and unimportant smells. Eventually the trail turns 90 degrees to the right. I quickly turn to it running over my right foot. With a crunch I howl in pain but continue to sprint, my foot ripping apart from the abuse.
The running has gone for roughly thirty minutes when suddenly I am tripped on something soft. It begins to groan as I stand up.
"Watch where you're going, I'm trying to sleep here," the voice says in an angry grunt. Its sounds make my hunger increase by a tenfold. I look down and see a young woman with blond hair and a very pale face. I look over her body and see a large gash on her arm. The cut looks like it came from a sharp tree.
As I examine her she begins to speak but this time I am unable to understand her. All I can know is the hunger. It feels as if knives are being slowing thrust into my torso. The pain increases and all I can focus on is the wound on her arm. The sweet tasting food come from her? At last the hunger overwhelms me. I grab her by the neck and lift her up effortlessly. How am I able to do this? Was I ever this strong? I no longer care. The only thought I see is hunger. All I feel is hunger. It drives me.
I take her body and brings it up close to mine. I look into her eyes and I can see the undying fear in her. Her trembling makes me even hungrier. I take my mouth and press it into her neck. I open my mouth and press my teeth into the flesh. At first nothing happens so I apply pressure and slowly my teeth tear through the flesh. When I am through the skin I taste it. The sweet nectar I had been searching for.
I rip my mouth away for the neck and chew. I savor the flavor and return for more.
When I am done with the body all that is left is bone. I stand and hear a sound. I turn my head and see a small stream of water. I walk to it and remember some small part of the past. Don't I need water to live? Not anymore. Now I no longer want or need it. In the water I see a hideous monster. I that me? Why is no one else around me? Why did they leave me alone. I am alone. A singular being.
But one thing remains. Hunger is still there. I am never alone because I have the hunger. Hunger never leaves. Hunger never lies. Hunger never betrays. Hunger is now. Hunger is the future. Hunger is forever. Hunger is god. Hunger is survival. Hunger is me

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