I.C.E. The Heart Is on the Left side of The Chest (dark)

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A dark, non-literal interpretation as to why the heart is on the left side of the chest

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012



If someone tells you to follow your heart in knows best

remind them that its on the left side of the chest

putting it close but not quite in the right

right where you plant the knife in a fight

why does it always get in the way

influencing the outcome with every word you say

can’t be the source of rationality

just gives way at the earliest possibility

pumping out truth that’s a contradiction

creating hells greater than any horrid fiction

force behind these bodies mooring together

collision to oblivion of inclement weather

two storm fronts cold when they’re begun

colder yet is how they have become

hearts are just a shape made to annoy

their true form does any one employ

they have to use the right hand to hide behind

an unending loop that can’t be defined

broken when you find an other one

paralyzed in place when you have none

once yours is over theirs, in the right place

emotions begin to give chase

that's when I breath in the epicaricacy

stare down, look around and see

life being drained out on these helpless ventures

doing all I can to take protective measures

to secure whats on the left side of their chest

using my right arm to block the knife

snapping the daemons wrist as I save their life

so you stab the bastard right on top of the left

deep in the chest, I’ve mastered you the skill you’ve been bereft

heart on the left is the size of your little right fist

curled around the slick handle as you give a none too light twist

It had to be on the left because you should

your heart on the left not quite sure it could

breathing is the only thing that will keep you aware

beating is the only thing that will keep you there

I.C.E. along with any and all of the rest

as always the heart is on the left side of the chest

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