I.C.E. The Heart Is on the Left side of The Chest (light)

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A dark, non-literal interpretation as to why the heart is on the left side of the chest (light)

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012




I.C.E. the heart is on the left side of the chest

when performing CPR going for the center is best

its on the left so it don't break from the wrong they throw at you

returnin ‘um with all the heavy handed rights ya gotta do

seems like theres no one else who knows what you goin through

Doin the right thing can break your heart

why your heart couldn’t be there from the start

glue this in your mind for your recolection

our hearts are inside us for our protection

Pressin harder than any subconscious process

even after you have suffered from collossal losses

Pull the knife out and put some alcohol on this bitch

maybe this will hurt but its got to happen before I stitch

out there you went with the right so he hit you wrong

end of the day blade in your right but your heart’s still strong

hearts arnt on the left because thats where you want it

being on the left is protection from the fatal hit

as you go on, grow up, think upon, throw up, drink on

try to take on, shot up, they’ve almost won, why give up, fight on

Bodies can heal hearts will break

after the reveal of a grand mistake

staying in the right to defend the left behind heart

others need help to fight, when they’re weak from the start

Kill the lights look around and there’s a possibility

Where it all starts in our hearts you’ll be able to see

Powering us all to our call keepin us moving

however hard you try to go for what you’ve been provin

breathe in breathe out your in bad shape

we’re on our way out, I’ll help you escape

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