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you get givin a book by aunti em and the next day you go to school every boy in school is nice to you. and your crush harry asks you out what could go wrong? read the book to find out!

Submitted: September 05, 2017

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Submitted: September 05, 2017





I love reading books but the unfortunate thing is I only ever get 1 per year from my aunt for my birthday. This year I hope I get another book for my birthday. I hope it has everything that a good book needs: romance fantasy all that stuff. From what I knew my aunt was 98 years old so that means she will go soon sadly. She was really the only one that cared for me. I call her aunty Em and she calls me enchantress. I don’t think I am an enchantress I always get bullied at school. No one ever pays attention to me. It’s like I’m invisible. Finally, it’s my birthday. I get to see aunty Em and hopefully I get a new book. Aunt em always walks in with a big small and small package in her hands but this time she was in a wheelchair but still the biggest smile ever. She hands me the small package and says happy 15th birthday, it’s a book that will take you on a great adventure. I unravel the package and inside was a shimmering book. The tittle was enchantress. When I touched the book, it lit up. I loved it. Soon my birthday ended and I had to go to school the next day, sadly. I packed my bag and headed out for school. I pulled out my book from my bag and I was ready to read it but the most popular boy in school brad bumped into me and said‘ sorry pumpkin’. Pulling back my hair. I thought this was some sick joke. Brad would always trip me and hit and even kick me. What’s with all the sudden mood change I said to brad. He said‘ your amazing’ and walked to class. I walked down the hallway of school and every single boy looked at me with gazing eyes. All their pupils got bigger. Then all the boys ran up to me and started yelling and asking me out. I had enough. I screamed “leave me alone you never liked me before why now??” all the boys got scared and ran away except one. My crush Harry. He was shy and so was i. we both looked nervously at each other. He started to approach me. My head was boiling and so was my heart. I wanted to confess that I had feelings for him but I had no guts. As soon as we were face to face he wipes his face and holds one arm and says ‘can I take you out tonight to the movies?’ I didn’t know what to say so I said yes. My heart was jumping with excitement. He told me to meet him at 6pm at the inpilli restaurant. I got dressed and went to the inpilli restaurant 10 minutes early. Harry comes only 5 minutes later. We had 7 dates before he asked me out and a lot of other boys asked me out too. I don’t know what was going on. Like why all of the sudden every boy I walk past wants me? Even 30 year old. Ugh disgusting. My face cringes of the thought. And yes I said yes to harry. It has been truly amazing being with harry. It was about to be my 16th birthday. I finished reading the book but I found a secret note in the book saying” whoever touches this book will become the enchantress…”. I think I know why everyone wants me now. I sure love the fame but its too much but I got to deal with it. My boyfriend took me out for my sweet 16th birthday to my favourite restaurant and where we use to go to. The inpilli restaurant. I wasn’t expecting this but harry leaned forward and kisses me it was so unexpected but I accepted it. I carried the book enchantress around with me everywhere everyday. I had to go to school again tomorrow. I once again pack my bag and head for school but this time I didn’t bring my book. I had finished it. As I walk into the halls of school every boy starts bullying me again. I was hopeless without that book. Harry walks up to me and says “I need to tell you something important” I had to listen. He said “ its hard to say this but I don’t love you anymore I’m in love with Chelsea”. My heart crumbled. Everyone was video recording it. I bursted into tears and ran into the bathrooms and waited till school ended. I went home and went face first into my pillow.

The end

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