O.D. Lullaby

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There once was a couple who are as strange as night. They would always love and never fight. They never lied and they never told truth, they’d only keep secrets from the curious and sleuths. Night time was divine, day time was fine. They’d always be mysterious to the knowing and spoke to the mimes. Who did this couple think they were? Why were they so absurd? And why couldn’t everyone just watch and learn?

Submitted: August 21, 2008

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Submitted: August 21, 2008



There once was a couple who are as strange as night. They would always love and never fight. They never lied and they never told truth, they’d only keep secrets from the curious and sleuths. Night time was divine, day time was fine. They’d always be mysterious to the knowing and spoke to the mimes. Who did this couple think they were? Why were they so absurd? And why couldn’t everyone just watch and learn?
“Oh burn!” I yelled in mighty glory standing in the middle of the street after telling off an under-dressed girl.
Ophelia stood next to me,” ha-ha, nice Dally.” I always enjoyed compliments from Ophelia, they were never too glorifying but they weren’t degrading either.
We each clapped once then hit each others opposite hand twice and slapped them together like we were playing patty-cake. Ophelia’s fingers curled to hold my hand and I did the same. She leaned in and kissed my chin and I giggled and kissed her nose. That was our friendship handclap. A car sped past us and honked their horn. Ophelia gave them the finger and then held my hand again. She kissed my knuckles of that hand and let go of the other.
“Hey Ophelia, would you like to walk away in the sunset with me?” I asked her in a dorky voice quoting a boy who liked her.
“Shut up, you know that dude who asked that was mentally ill.”
“Yeah, any guy who likes you is mentally ill. But still, want to skip down the street with me?”
“Sounds delightful.” She smiled.
We took off then, in the middle of the street, skipping past dog walkers, mailmen, joggers, gangsters, and preppy people galore. A lot of them turned their heads at us and others just shook their heads in shame of us. If they didn’t like us, then why did they look? I guess they didn’t have anything better to do.
Her and I, me and her, we were weird none the less to say. We didn’t try to be weird for the attention; we just didn’t like to be as everyone else. We wanted to be singular, not plural, but we made an exception to being ‘us’. I’d really be lost if we weren’t us and were them; if that makes any sense.
I don’t think we had any real attraction to each other like lesbians do; we were just really great friends that happen to act like lesbians.
We arrived at Mr. Qualanderins Candy Shoppe. It was an amazing place and Mr. Qualanderin, or Mr. Qually loved us, and we loved him. He always gave us discounts because we bought something from him almost every day multiple times. We also helped clean up the place; it’s like we work there but not officially.
We giggled at the door’s bell that rings when you open it then hopped up to the counter where Mr. Qually smiled at us. If we hadn’t known him for so long we could have mistaken him for a child molester. Though he was quite old I don’t see how he could be able to do that.
“What would you ladies like today?” He asked us, his voice was sweet and shaky as always.
Ophelia and I both looked around the candy filled room then at each other.
“Lollipops,” We both said at the same time.
“I assume you want the large ones? Two of them?” He asked.
“Yes sir.” I said.
“Fifty cents,” he said as he handed Ophelia the candy. I dug around my pocket to get the money then handed it to him.
“Pleasure doing business with you sir,” I said and shook his hand.
“Indeed a mighty pleasure it is. Have fun you two,” Mr. Qually smiled his molesting smile.
We smiled and waved at him as we walked out of the store.
“Candy me,” I said as we got to Our Corner, which had a bright red stop sign, a flower pot, and a fire hydrant on it.
Ophelia un-wrapped the lollipop for me and handed it to me.
“Look at that dead bird,” said Ophelia.
I looked the direction she was, “It’s so pretty. I’m pretty sure it’s a crow.”
“It probably ran into the stop sign,” she said.
“A lot of birds do. Even we run into that stop sign.”
“It’s amazing how we miss it.”
“We’re just blinded.”
“By candy,” She added.
We sat there eating our lollipops for the next ten minutes glaring at every car that passed by.
“Mom,” Ophelia said as my mom’s car headed our way.
We immediately scooted farther away from each other and pretended to play tic-tac-toe on the sidewalk. As my mom got nearer she stopped and I looked at her. She motioned for me to talk to her.
“What?” I asked walking up to her car.
“I want you home by six, dinner will be ready then,” She said.
“Okay, cool. What are we having?”
“Grilled cheese and tomato soup sound okay?”
“Alright, I’ll be expecting you to be home then,” She looked at me sternly, I was rarely ever on time.
“Kay, bye,” I said then skipped off towards Ophelia.
“Keep track of the time!” She shouted as she drove off towards home.
“Wow, you’re mum’s actually home early, is she feeling okay?” Ophelia asked.
“Who knows?” My mom was rarely ever home before 10pm, so this was a little strange.
“Eh, oh well. What’d she say?”
“I gotta be home by six.”
“We’ll see how well that works out,” she giggled and moved closer to me and winked.
“Are you flirting with me?” I asked in shock, jokingly of course.
“Oh darn, you caught me,” She said in lazy defeat.
I licked my lollipop which was getting very small and looked at the town’s clock, “It’s almost five thirty,” I said gloomily.
“Well then we don’t have much time,” Ophelia got up and pulled me up with her hand and started dragging me to the playground. Eventually I got sturdy on my feet and walked by her side.
“Slide, swings, turny thing, or bridge?” She asked.
“Let’s do it on the turny thing,” I said in a perverted manner, Ophelia laughed.
We never learned what the turny thing was called but you had to push it and people would sit on it and spin around, so we called it the turny thing. I sat down in the middle and Ophelia sat on my lap. We had finished our lollipops and stuck the sticks in one of our pigtails.
There were only a few people at the playground; a kid and his mother, and the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four was a group of four teenage boys that thought they were ‘fantastic’. They always acted as though they were the high and mighty rulers of the playground and whatnot.
I wrapped my arms around Ophelia and she leaned her head against my shoulder, her hair always smelt really good, like berries. These were the times when we talked about random things.
“Dally; do you know what your name means?” Ophelia asked.
“Uh no… Do you know what yours means?”
“Mine is some gravitational thing for Uranus, but you’re means to flirt.”
“It does? Well it doesn’t seem like I’m living up to my name very well then does it?” I said and looked down at Ophelia.
“Not quite,” She said and sat so she was facing me. “But there is a way you could fix that.”
“I bet there is.” I smiled and walked my fingers up Ophelia’s arm, “Perhaps you could teach me,” I said and poked her on the nose.
“I’d be glad to. You see, you have to smile, bat you eyelashes, and giggle.”
“I can do that already, what else do I need to do?”
“You need to lean in…” I did what she said, “Closer.” I leaned in closer. “Then let the flirtee do the rest.”
I smiled and Ophelia put her hands on my shoulders in a seducing manner and pulled me till our lips touched. She wouldn’t let me move until I started laughing.
“Get a room!” Yelled one of the Fantastic Four.
I pulled away from Ophelia and glared at the boys, “If you don’t like it then why are you watching?” I shouted at them.
“We can do whatever we want here, it’s our territory,” yelled another boy.
“Then you can deal with me and Ophelia. Unless you actually like it. Then that’s just disturbing, I would recommend going home and asking your dad for some of his Playboy Magazines!” Ophelia giggled like she always does when I yell at them and sat back down on my lap.
“You can’t handle this,” Ophelia said as she took my face in her hands and pulled it to her face, she was basically kissing me upside down, it was interesting. She never was one to show off her kissing skills, I didn’t know what had changed, but I didn’t mind much.
“Oh my God…” said a boy.
I laughed again but Ophelia didn’t let go of my face and I moved my hand to her face and just went along with her.
“Uh, guys, I have to go home. I uh… have to do laundry.”
At that time Ophelia and I both broke away and started laughing loudly, and laughed even louder as we saw the boy turn away with wet pants. The other boys were pretending not to watch us, but they were, and they were talking about us too.
I turned to Ophelia curious, “What was that?”
“What was what?” she looked confused.
“All that kissing and stuff.”
“Nothing, I just wanted to get a laugh from the guy’s reactions. Why, did you not like it?” She almost looked offended.
“You never do that though… You rarely even kiss me… I didn’t mind it, it was just shocking.”
“Oh… I guess I’m warming up to you even more.” She smiled.
“Is that so?” I kissed Ophelia once again and this time she laughed. To my surprise, she actually kissed me back, but then I let go when I heard the town’s clock chime six-o’-clock.
Ophelia stood up and looked at me with painful eyes, “Dally, I’m confused.”
“Why? What are you confused about?” I stood up next to her.
“How did we end up like this?”
“Like what?”
“Like two lesbian girls that aren’t like anybody else we’ve ever met. How’d we get this close, and what happens if when we get older, we don’t like each other anymore?”
“I don’t really know… What are you thinking about Ophelia?”
“I never want us to be separate. I don’t even want to hide from my parent’s that I’m crazy about you anymore.”
“You know what, neither do I. Is that why you’ve been so affectionate?”
“Yeah, I think so.”
“I don’t mind it but, I don’t want to over-do it. I don’t want things to get too far with us until we’re older so that we know our exact feelings and everything.”
“I understand… But I know you won’t leave me without letting me know first, right?”
“I could never leave you.”
Ophelia smiled and hugged me, I hugged her back.
“I need to get home,” I finally said.
“Yes, you do.”
“You need to let go of me to do that,” she said trying to pull away from my hold on her.
“Oh yeah, sorry.”
“I didn’t mind. Bye Dally.”

“Au revior,” I said and kissed her cheek. Then I darted off towards home.

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