No More Stars

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Lavinia, a girl who wakes up stuck in her own head. a burnt down city with no fresh air, no signs of life; nothing but abandoned towers of dark grey ash.

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



No More Stars…

Written By: Derrick Adams


The city is still and bleak. No sounds of kids playing, birds chirping, not a peep of anything; just the overplayed silence that consumes the air, making it hard to breath. Buildings, now towers of dust sit still. Such silence deafens me. I remember a time though, when the streets never stopped living, when the people brought the world to life. Now, the city sits in its own ashes waiting for that one small gust of wind to help bring its poor soul back to life, even for a brief second. But there’s nothing really left, just a lingering devil that keeps everything still. Then there’s Levinia, that’s me.

Sleeping isn’t an option for me anymore, and it hasn’t been since I last woke up in this place of grey. The silence sometimes scares me; bouncing from wall to wall of the large quiet city stretch. Such noise makes me doubt if I’m even still alive. I sit and wait on a rock shaped like a smiling face, staring into the cloudless sky hoping for an ounce of rain, or the tiniest stretch of life. I just want to to snap myself out of my own creepy imagination.

When I close my eyes, I don’t see what I used to. It’s not dark, no sparkles of random tie-dye shrivels and circles, but my own reflection in a pool of blood, with my name being called in the background. I force myself to open my eyes, get up, and move along.

I come to a church; it looks as is it suffered a beating, but still, it comforts me. Sounds begin to echo from wall to wall. Screams and cries, the sounds of people dying shake the rubble causing a sudden vibration, lifting the hairs from the back of my neck as they stand tall, almost tearing my skin. It sounds like Hell.

The church begins to cave in. I leave as fast as I can, but it doesn’t seem fast enough. It crumbles to a mountain of dust. I raise my head and gasped for air. It wasn’t needed, but it helped me feel sane. I look around, front and back; nothing has changed really.

I sit down, sweating and anxious. It’s a dream, slowly slipping itself into reality. There’s a sudden pain in my chest; I crumble to the floor, not able to stand. My head aches and my nose leaks blood, more blood than I thought I’d had. I close my eyes, tight. It’s dark this time.

Everything started coming back, zooming in all at once. I get to my feet, eyes opened. Everything is white, bright enough to blind a small child. The sounds fade slowly to a chatter of voices, but no body to match them. I fall back to the floor and close my eyes.

 “Levinia!”, I hear, seeping through the thick brush of circling whiteness.

“Momma?” I reply, removing my hands from the sides of my head.

Everything is in slow motion. The white begins to clear, but my vision is blurry. I lose control of my limbs and collapse. Momma stands at my side, her right hand on my thigh and left clenching my hand tight.

She consoles me, yet I lay there crying, scared and confused, wondering what’s going on. A mysterious man in a white suit runs in, almost slipping at the doorway, grabbing the edge of my bed.

“Levinia, look at me”, the man said.

“Look at me!”.

 “Whatever you do, keep your eyes open”.

The man in white, he kept telling me to keep my eyes open, screaming at me and screaming at me; but, all I wanted to do was close them. So I did.

It all went quiet. Momma was gone and so was the man in white. Everything faded to black. It was all over.




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