The ending of it all.

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i basically poured out my feelings about my ex boyfriend. It was based on the day i broke up with him. I love him. But it was time for bigger and better things

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



yes. I like him. Not the  way that i like you...

Im glad you felt that way, it's the how i wanted you to.

Maybe someday you will regret the things you did to me.

But honestly i don't care anymore... I don't need you. I just want to have fun.

You'll wait and see.


And while I go around and start to feel greater,

you will waste away from my mind to be saved untill later...

No, I never wish to forget about you.. and I have promised myself to never forget

the things that you do.


In case I stumble upon you and the way that we were,

than I still remember how I felt and the way things conqured.

Because I deserve nothing but the best,

since you wrecked your chance

you must settle for less.


But thats not me,

I would never shoot low.

I love being so far at the top

that you spot no one below.




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