Eyes Do Speak A Lot...!!!

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Through this poem I just had conveyed that inner feeling of a human being is pretty well expressed in one's eyes, even though he/she resists to hide them.
I have personified a girl, who tries to control her sorrow and tears but at last fails because though she persisted to be normal, her eyes could not resist her feelings and sadness.
Simply Eyes Do Speak A Lot...

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



Eyes DO speak A Lot…!!!

The droplets in her eye,

Mentioned all her sorrows without any sigh!

She hesitated to express but was caught,

Coz Eyes Do Speak A Lot…!!!

Just two black dots on a white curtain,

Expresses all of her heart’s pain!

She forced them to hide but could not,

Coz Eyes Do Speak A Lot…!!!

Her charming pink eye lids and dark black liner,

Pretty well contrasted her eyes with tear!

Her eye make up cannot resist the words from her heart,

Coz Eyes Do Speak A Lot…!!!

The pink eye lids with stretching lashes covered the white curtain,

Shed few black tears just like a mild rain!

Though she tried all her way to control them and put a slot,

But Eyes Do Speak A Lot…!!!

Set enough to hide one’s inner thoughts,

With plenty of knots!

But I swear! Believe it or not,

Eyes Do Speak A Lot…!!!

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