stars make me sad

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How I get through life fighting demons and looking at stars even though they make me sad, they somehow make me smile at the same time. How do I get through life fighting demons when my shadows are
behind me all the time and the stars are sometimes covered by clouds?

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



Everyone dreams, right?

Everyone dreams, differently right?

People tell me their dreams left and right

But when I tell them my dream do they care?

Do they DARE listen to the dream that I could drop everything and in a flick of a light switch?

I would be gone

I would be nothing more than a dent in the life I leave

What a dream

What a dream that would be

Running away to a faraway place

Change my name

Dye my hair

Be myself for the first time in my life

But who knows

No one asks

What kind of dream that I have

It scares me to think I’m capable of a dream like that

People want to be doctors

And people want to be actors

I want to runaway

Escape to a big city

I want to work in a big building

Escape in a publishing company

But I’ll stay here listening to dreams no one will really achieve

Instead we will carry out our parent’s dreams

And go to college to become teachers

And therapists

Because we struggle with finding what we really want

Because we can’t escape the true dream we really want to reach

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