Wagging School

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two friends and i wagged school and smoked some weed. I was just sitting back and listening to the conversations when i decided to get out my laptop and record it all. After half an hour this is what i had...

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



That’s tiny and nice I reckon Larry what you think?

Pretty hectic, filters too big.


Do you have a pen or pin.

Why? Nah actually.

Warrick reads over shoulder.

Larry Joins in.

Everyone is read ing off computer.

Warrick giggles.

Why do you space for the ing?

Cause its funny.


Fucking lunchbox!

What you looking for?

Nothing. My shit gets so dirty when I’m grilled.

Warrick lights joint and giggles.

Dude I just need a pen or something.


Dude there’s a car!




Warrick breathes out heavily, sighing.

It’s a cloudy day, with some hay. Man I’m going to roll a hectic Joint on my party.

Want me to get some of Jacks for you?

Nah man I got to get the acid.

Oh shit, Rueben do you want some.

Yeah he does cause he wanted to get some off Amma Calto.

Yeah yeah, man ill roll now, der der der, your hard to find now, la la lah.

Since you been gone, I can’t breathe for the first time, Fuck.

Do you have a knife?


Not you, him.

Ask him then.

I did, hey Rueben do you have a knife?

No man, why would I have a knife?

Oh, some like scissors or shit.

Gate creaks in distance.



I’m gonna roll, pass me the J's.

Didn’t I already?


Dude I need some scissors or a pin!


To get this weed out.

Oh i've got a pen!

Shit man, why didn’t you say so?

Warrick ruffles in his bag and pulls out a pen.

Thanks man.

Dude you guys gotta to learn to roll now...

I can roll.

Not as good as me though.

He raises and lowers his eyebrows seductively.

Huh huh.

Dude I got to play stars wars battle front.

FUCK, I got to study tonight.


School certificate on Monday.

Oh yeah, and here comes people.

What where?



Larry unscrews grinder.

I got so much more weed now!

Larry pulls out book.

I’m Just gonna read now.

Long pause...

Hey dude, give me the weed and I’ll roll you a J.


To roll a J, didn’t you want me to?

Yeah, here you go.

Pulls out rollies

Sick I love the facts: Mount isa, which covers more than 40,000 SQ KM, is the world’s largest city. Heavy...

Passes rollies to Warrick, he starts to roll.

Dude, the winds being a Jew.

Did it blow the weed away?

No its being annoying though.

Fucking hectic Jews.

Larry goes back to book.

Dude it’s being such a hectic Jew!

Shit man.

I know.

It’s a...

Warrick puts his bag on his arm.

Dude can you pass me another rollie? I ripped this one.

Sure man.

Hands Warrick rollies.

Dude, hide the weed a chicks coming!


Long pause...


Dude, have you even rolled?

Fuck you dude.

Ah, help you dick!

What do you want me to do? I’m not smoking...

You can still help!

Just move around the corner!



I’ve already started.

Well you’re a lazy cunt then!

Some little kids playing soccer come onto the field.

Fuck dude, hide the shit.

Warrick packs up.

Did you roll a J?

Yeah, not with your weed though, with Toms weed.

Dude, Toms weed is shit!

It’s fine.

Well, do want bong or pipe?

Nah man, I’ll Just chill.

Rueben, will you?

Yeah, I’ll help you.

So you don’t want some of this Larry?

No man, I’m fine, I just wanna chill.

C’mon man!

Can we roll a J in there?



All pack up and walk the 4 metres to the toilets. They’re scungy and public.

He he who wants to do some meth boys?

He he he.

Warrick lights joint and smokes it, Larry stands in front of the piss trough.

Larry, try some, it’s better than before!

Larry joins in and they have a Joint circle.

I’m like a young James Bond.

Hey Larry, you wanna rip?

Nah its fine, I wanna be able to get back to school.

Well, do you wanna bock Rueben?

Nah, I’m fine.

Well I want someone to bock with me...

I will!

Cool Larry, thanks bro!

Larry drinks from tap.

Fill up the bottle.

Is that enough?

Shit dude.

Do you wanna bock first?

Nah, wait, yeah but I wanna use your weed...

Sorry about using your weed.

Its fine man, its Just weed!

Just bock it like its nuff!

Shit dude, I gotta go outside.

See ya Warrick.

You’re not going anywhere are you Rueben?

Nah man

Sick, dude can you hold this microphone?

That’s not a microphone...

Warrick runs back in.

Hahaha hehehe

Shush man.


Holly Robins is coming to the party!

Oh shit, then we won’t ever see Usher. He’ll be in your room having sex...

Nah, all the doors will be locked.

Ha ha they’ll have to have sex in the backyard.

There like sex machines

I’ll Just make a rule for them: no sex, even for a little bit.

Nice one dude!

Yeah it’s a hectic J.

What are you doing man?

I have to write this down; I feel it’s such an honest example of teenage culture.

Oh, it’s so harsh, yet so chrome...

Shit dude.

Do my friends trying to sell me train track chrome.

Buy some if you want.

No but, do you reckon it’s worth it?

What’s that?

Reckon it’s worth it?

You have till tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the party...

© Copyright 2020 TheFaillingSaint. All rights reserved.

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