Tears for Him Chapter One

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All Stephanie Frank has ever known is sadness. Sadness, pain, disappointment. Her whole life, her parents have shown nothing but hatred towards each other. It never ended. Finally, she decided that enough was enough. She runs away, determined to find that place where no one fights or hurts each other. But instead of finding a place. she finds a human. A runaway human. Their emotions take them over and they fall in love. But when Stephanie has to make a future altering decision, will she choose him, or will she choose a different path? Read Tears for Him to find out!

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013




Sometimes, I wondered what life would be like if I didn't feel like crying every day. I wondered what life would be like if I were happy, if things went right for once. But all I do is wonder, I thought. I looked around and sighed. I was sitting in my closet, hiding. My parents were right outside, fighting. Whenever they did, I would come in here and hide, escape, and dream of a happier place. 

I always liked to imagine different scenarios. Right now I was in a school building. A nice school building. One without policemen lurking around the corner, or something smeared on the lockers that looked dangerously like blood. It's beautiful. People actually talk to you! The teachers are nice and young and smiling. And everyone is kind. At this moment I'm being asked to the dance. They boy standing in front of me has dark, shaggy hair that falls in front of his eyes. But inside I know that his eyes are a piercing green, so green that you can almost feel tiny stabs whenever he looks at me.

But I knew that a place like that didn’t exist. My school still had police lurking around the corner, pulling me over for pat-downs. And the judging glares will always follow me, always drill holes into my back. No one is kind. No one is gracious. No one gives a damn. And there are no lovely boys willing to ask to me to the dance. And when I look at myself, I know why.

I see my lack of breasts, and my protruding stomach. My eyes travel up to my face and I look at my bushy eyebrows that are considered anything but pretty. My eyes are too close together, my nose too big. My hair frames my face in all the wrong places, making me look like an old dog.

And old dogs aren’t exactly at the top of the food chain. Old-dog-people are the people that get bullied at school. The kind that drag sharp object across their skin to drown out the emotional pain, with physical pain.

Old-dog-people are people like me.

I’m Stephanie Frank. Welcome to the Hell that is my life

“Hey there!” Some behind me chirped. I turned around, confused. No one talked to me at school. Ever. I saw a very cute blond boy skipping towards me. This was even weirder. Boys NEVER talked to me. Like, ever. “You’re looking nice today.” I nodded in understanding. I knew what was coming. “The cat that attacked your face had shorter claws this morning, didn’t he?” He smirked and walked away without saying another word. I sighed dejected. I pretended it didn’t phase me, but inside I was hoping that maybe, maybe, that boy wanted to talk to me, instead of insult me.

But it was hopeless to dream. Because dreams never came true.

At least not mine.

I could already hear the shouts coming from my parents in the other room when I stepped onto the front porch. I didn’t even hesitate to turn on my heel and stalk away. I was used to the fights. What I wasn’t used to was the deafening silence that enclosed the house after the fights. A silence that reeked of anger and hatred. A silence so thick and heavy that not even the strongest man alive would be able to lift it.

So I turned around and walked away. And I didn’t stop, I didn’t look back. I kept on walking with my head held high.

I’m running away, I thought smugly. And I’m never going back.



Hey guys! I hoped you liked the first chapter to my story!


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