Sams Vengeance PT9

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

okay guys have fun hope you like this ending

may 2020

"BEEB BEE BEEEB." my alarm goes off. i had that dream again about damian. why was it on my mind again i had to stope and just relax. i had a few places to go to before i go over to my dads house and see grandma. she lived with dad. she was kinda old but she was a me na na. my palms are overly sweaty. and the thoughts of damian still ran through my head. i had to do something about this.

"zzzzzzzzz" my phone vibrates again. its ariel i thought id pick it up but ill let it go t ovoice mail the last thing i wanted to hear was her annoying as voice asking me to come back. crazy bitch.

dad left me a message on my voicmail. "hey i work lae agian. you can come if youd like. it was 5 in the afternoon. he was usedto sleeping during the day i wsent. it felt as if two days had just gone by. i thought id join him again tonight. the thought of damian was still on my mind.

dad and i are in the patrol car. and hes on a rutine stop. im layign back i thought id take a nap. didnt want t owake up at 5pm again.

"sam!"i can hear in a faint voice. "you alraight?" my dads looking at me "what?" i ask. "you were shaking. almost trembling."

i had the dream agian. "after this stopp im goign to take you home" i didnt have a problem with that i need rest. but the dream was still on my mind. my dads out side his computer was facing me. as if it was calling me. "type his name, type his name" i knew i shouldnt but i typed it in. "saul toreze" his address pops up it wasnt the same as when we lived in the apartments.

i wrote it on my phone. i didnt know what i was goign to do with this information. could i even do anything with it. i had foudn the murders address. i didnt even know what to do with it. my dads done giving this guy a ticket. i click on the x button to close it so that he wouldnt see what i was doing.

we get to the front of my apratments."you going t obe fine son?" i loked at him my face is red and sweaty. "ya" i lie to him so that he wouldnt worry. "night sleep well". hestood out in front of my apartment till igot to the door he must have had a call cause he rushed away.

i close my door. turn off all my lights and sit in the dark. pull out my phone. i had so much power in my hands. the address of my brothers killer what should do with it. i grab my computer and type in the address to get directions. its about a hour drive. was this bugging me so much that i was going to face my brothers killer? its 2am and im not tierd im angry and sad i wanted to leave and face this man.

i get in my car. directions in hand. the drive up was easy. but my mind was blank was i just going to walk in on him knock? what? i pull up to the matching address. on my paper. there it is the housing a a creature that was able to take a life. how was i goign to face him.

i get out my car. before getting out i rememberd the gift my dad gave me this year. my first gun. i never thught i would use it. but here i go.

its now 3am. im standing outside the killers house. thinking about my brother and everything we went thorugh. i muster up anger and rage! i pound on the door. "boom" like five times. theres no peep hole but i see a light! come on. the door opens. i point my gun in front of me. its him "get the fuck back mother fucker" my voice was angerd and bold. "what the" his hands raise up. i walk forward. putting the gun up agains his chest "walk backwards comon" he did what i demanded "whats this all about" hes scared. terrified just like i was the day he took my mom.

"look in my eyes" tears falling down them. "who are you?" "LOOK!" I yell. he pauses and stares studying my face. he was afraid i wanted him to be. to feel afraid and alone. "im sorry" he says begging on his knees "oh your going to be sorry alright" i cock the gun. ready to pull the trigger.

"BOOM" the front door gets busted in. "put it down sam" my dads staring at me with a gun pointed at me. my own father. who i thought loved me. i was wrong i have nothing to lose. sauls phone rings. we al turn for a second. i was ready to pull the trigger. and die right after "why did you kill him?" i asked sal while tears are falling down my face. "he was going to pay you" dads lost but dosent put down his gun "cause!!!" saul yells "WHY!" i yell back. "hi youv reached saul and crystal leave a message." the answering machine get its "hi mom, dad. its ariel. im pregnant"

Submitted: February 22, 2010

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Distracted Daydreamer

=O He got Ariel PREGNANT!!
And the killer is her dad!!
WOW!! I can't wait to read more!!
And I'll be sure to tell people about you!!
But just don't forget I'm still your #1 fan =p

Tue, February 23rd, 2010 3:46am


haha i know right i cant believe i thought of that hahahahaha. and you will always be my numba 1 fan :) thanks for reading and thanks for the support. :)

Mon, February 22nd, 2010 7:51pm

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