While We Fight, We Lose PT2.5

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This is the second installment to the story of my life.

What was my end suddenly became my start. A new school, new friends and new and wonderful things lying ahead, i could only hope.

Submitted: November 29, 2010

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Submitted: November 29, 2010



Scool was out for the rest of the summer! It was  id July and the heat struck Arizona like a slap to a sun burn!  emy my cousin ahd tagged along with us from Califonia. The first two weeks were amazingly exciting. We had so many water ballon fights and when we wern't ouside we would watch all kinds of movies!

i think my bro Chris was bored through of the movies, we watched them over and over!! Not to mention fear factor reruns. Chris was on a wheelchair, diagnost when he was 12 with muscular distrophy. A very sprit crushing and deadly disease. And everyday was different than a normal house hold. We had to carry him to and from the bed. 

I never thought of my life being different from anyone becasue of my brother. We had a normal life in my eyes. We would get in trouble and he would usaly con us into it, don't see hows thats any different to any other younger sibiling Ive seen. One time he made me fake cry so that my mom would come in and yeall at my other brother Tony. I did so and he got yelled at like chris had planned. We laughed and tony cried.

After Emy went home things were a bit the same as before, eccpet that we were all starting school, but chris. He graduated the same year we moved.  Lola my sister older than me by one year was starting high school and Nena my other sister was startign 11th grade. I was beggining 8th; in a new school at the end of middle school, so i thought.

In Arizona they made the 8th graders attend an elemetery school. i had to wear a uniform and walk like a freaking robot and i had recces? WTF!! This was deff what i wasn't used to. At my old school we could run around freely and had 8 classes, 4 on every other day. i wasn't a baby and they trated me like one. I could hold hand with my GF at my old school!  i couldnt even look at another person without getitng into trouble? 

I stood out in the halways comparing my old school to this place and i couldn't help but think of the kids who attended this place. the first day i made friends with a kid named justin. He was really weird and very himself, thats why i chose to befriend him. I knew i would never fit in. As the day continued, the kids had all knew eachother from their previous school, as this school was brand new. old students new school.

Justin had also jsut moved from antoher state. the fact that we had that in common only helped our friendship grow. although later on we would dispise eachother!

The year was beggining and i wasn't to optimistic about it!

Part 2 to this story will be continued..

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