Dear Daddy

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A letter from an unborn child to their father.

Submitted: October 09, 2006

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Submitted: October 09, 2006



A warm voice is all I know,

As it dances from side to side,

For I cannot see the face,

That makes me smile with pride.


I am always attentive,

Whenever he is in the room,

Because he is always ready,

With music, singing, or a story,

To chase away the gloom.


But most of all,

What I most like to hear,

Are the prayers that he says for me,

The thoughts that are so dear.


He puts his hand on mommy’s tummy,

As if he is speaking right to me,

And I put my hand right on his,

To show him his wishes are truly meant to be.


I love you daddy,

And I always will,

And I hope pride in me never leaves you,

In all the things in life,

That I am yet to do.


But until then, keep up the stories

And the singing that you do,

Oh, and the ice cream doesn’t hurt either,

As mommy really likes it to.

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